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A wallpaper for Designers

This is a light minimalistic wallpaper based on the most famous Dummy Text we all use and love: The Lorem Ipsum.

There is a lot of history and interesting facts behind the use of this particular text on design mockups and sketches.

I hope you enjoy this little wallpaper pack I've created.

Inside you will find several variations for all tastes of colors. :#1:
© 2008 - 2021 mauricioestrella
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Left side text is in Latin and Right side text is Spanish.

A small note to those who doesn`t know what Latin is:

Latin has nothing to do with Latin America or it`s people. It is an ancient dead language which is the basis of currently spoken French, Italian, Romanian, Spanish and Portuguese.
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Great one. Simple and well done. Love it. Our dear Lorem :)
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Thanks, just what I've been looking for!
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no feadback from artist .... what font did you use for this devart ? > Lorem ipsum > font type ?
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Not sure, but I think it was called 'Alte Haas Grotesk'
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Could you tell me the font used?

Love the wallpaper, by the way. ^_^
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just the kind I'v been searching for.
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Spanish text ^^
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its great which font is it ?
Thank you, these are great.
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Awesome wallpaper. Ty for sharing it with us ;)
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Found this in 2008, loved it. Just re-found it, still love it :heart: :B
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Really nice, but could you please upload or send me this pack but without the text.. Plz
But still really good.!
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Gorgeous! A minimal, fantastic edition to my wallpaper collection.
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It's called Greek text. Not sure if its the language of Greek but in graphic design terminology that's what the text is called.
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but its not real latin. it is the language of Lorem Ipsum! :iconwoooplz:
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Oh...that's right! I totally forgot that! *blushes Thanks for the clarity! :D
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Lorem Ipsum? Latin meets a mac!
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i want to upload the wallpaper pack that i've just created, but i don't know how to do that. i like this also, very nice!
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damn what font is that
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It's Alte Haas Grotesk. An old friend of Helvetica. :)
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Thank you sir :D I'm glad you replied so quick :)
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