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Spidey Reunited
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Published: April 29, 2015
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Reunited and it feels so good! When I created the first "Poor Spidey" piece, it was a gag illustration after the dismay of watching Amazing Spiderman 2 and never did I think it would've been posted and reposted so many times across the internet.

BUT the craziest thing I found out from someone who works for a popular website that went through the hacked Sony emails is that my "Poor Spidey" was attached in a chain of emails throughout the company. So of course I wanted to create a followup after the news of the deal went public. With that said, I hope you're all excited cause Spidey and the Avengers are reunited.

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KAARU2000|Student Artist
R.I.P Stan Lee 
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Awe baby Loki and Thor playing in the background
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Spider-Man, welcome home! :D
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X-Men: "... Uhh... Hey Fox? Can we play with them too-?"

Fox: "No!"

Fantastic Four: "Well, what about us-?"

Fox: "Absolutely NOT! Were still gonna make the new kid-friendly Fantastic Four reboot! Like the Incredibles!"

Fantastic Four: "Just like that train wreak Fan4stic?..."

Fox: "What was that?!"

Fantastic Four: "Nothing! Sir!"
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After the Disney/Fox buyout.

Fox: Good news kids! We're gonna be part of the Disney family!

X-Men: So does this mean we'll play with them now?

Fantastic Four: And us too?

Fox: Go right ahead kids!

X-Men and Fantastic Four: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!
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SuperMarioFan65|Student Digital Artist
Spider-Man reunite with the Avengers!
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Eh, let's see how long this lasts after Homecoming....
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Where is ant man?
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Spiderman: Guys I'M HOME MARVEL
Avengers and Nick: SPIDERMAN
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annaig2004|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
hi you should totally do wolverine 
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Angry-Major|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Absolutely adorable. :heart:
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I love how in the backroung disney is making a deal with soney
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Jose-Ramiro|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Juxshoa|Hobbyist General Artist
Is it possible to do one of these, except for the expanded tv series(Daredevil, Agents of SHIELD, etc.)? Marvel just got back Ghost Rider! :)
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Silver-Zabrak|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm loving your kid Avengers illustrations. They're pretty great. :)
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WOOW, the colors and the lighting on this are beautiful!
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PaulyGeek|Hobbyist Writer
I think no oneelse see walt dysney in the back lolI am a dummy! 
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WielderOfBlueFlames|Hobbyist General Artist
For a sec, I thought that was Jameson wearing a Mickey hat!
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1124eddie|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Now we need the Fantastic Four too. But I don't think Fox would ever think to do it.
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awww, your drawings from the little heroes are soooo cute!
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SapanVasava|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Joey-GB-316|Hobbyist General Artist
Tell the world Spidey's coming home!
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