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Poor Spidey

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I suppose this is what happens when you cross fan art with social commentary. I came up with the idea for this gag illustration after watching “The Amazing Spiderman 2″ on opening weekend, but only just now got around to finishing it. It pretty much summarizes how I felt about the new franchise, the larger Marvel cinematic universe and the realities of binding contracts.

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Oh My Poor Spidey Blast Those Disney and Sony(Expacily The Former)How Could They To This To Spidey Again and Again AND AGAIN No Fair.
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Aww, you can see that Tony's sad... 😭
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History repeated itself. :(
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If Stan Lee was still alive he wouldn't let this happen.
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I'm sure Spiderman will return to Marvel :3
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Aww heck this is relevant again :(
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RIP Tony Stark, Black Widow and Captain America (possibly due to high age)
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I love this Deviation. Paborito!❤️👍🏻
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Peter at the First Avengers Movie: :(
Peter at his First Movie with the Avengers: :0
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Well finally Spiderman gets to be an avenger
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(Shoots the Agent dragging Spidey)
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Guess he'll never be an avenging spider-man.
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Long story short, Hashtag Fuck they don't even get the actual hashtag symbol fuck 'em.
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How about now that they gave Spider-Man back?
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Hashtag Fuck Sony is ETERNAL as in NOTHING will ever redeem in my eyes. Besides I don't that shit for a second, unless that one Insomniac game suddenly gets an Xbox One port I'll believe that pigs can fly.
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Oh, you got the Bone. I got the Pisser.
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And how appropriate a name "Pisser" is....
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I think you'd love ZeroPunctuation...
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You mean that jackass who will shit on Nintendo any opportunity he can get just like every other tosser from the likes of Kotaku to IGN? No thanks I've had my fill with the biased masses who think owning a Wii U is a hate crime against humanity....
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But that's his thing. He's not a real reviewer, he's a roaster. He makes fun of any game he "reviews." And you know he can't be serious about what he says because his personality, Yahtzee, is just an act he puts on. He actually loves the games he supposedly hates, and even said that to several fans he's met at several conventions.
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Poor Spidey!!  Still love you Spidey!!  Love this!! 
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Spider-man: BUT DADDY!!!
The guy: no buts
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