Namo, the Judge
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Namo, often called Mandos, probably the wisest among the Valar.
Indoubtedly my most favourite Vala (alongside with Irmo). ^^;

Quite oriental vision of him (a sage/priest mixed with a samurai). In fact his "profession" has a lot in common with the priesthood. ;)

Although this image may also suit Irmo, the Lord of Dreams, the younger brother of Namo.

No reference.

Mandos/Namo & Lorien/Irmo (c) JRRT "Silmarillion"
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Namo is my favorite also, and this is exactly as I imagined he would look. Stern, but yet not without compassion. +fav 
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Green does suit him.
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That's a very cool concept. There's quite a lot of character I see in this piece. Almost sorrow behind the cold exterior.
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This is an amazing picture! Well done!
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SeekHim|Hobbyist Writer
Very interesting take on Namo! One would expect him to be dressed in black and grey,
but green is nice when one thinks about it. He's the Vala of death, and death is a rebirth.
The sage aspect is nice too, because he is also the Vala of prophecy.

GOD bless
John 3:16
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LajlaNiemi|Hobbyist Artist
really strande - that green and those hair...I expected more of grey or violet :) ...but this is the Judge indeed
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No words for how much I love this.
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Ailin1252|Hobbyist Photographer
Majestic, wise, and severe but fair. Pretty good for Mandos, and this all-new interpretation of him makes this piece even more interesting. I never really thought about having eastern influences for the Valar, but, hey, that really works :la:. Great!
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Nice take on him- I never would have thought of incorporating eastern influences into something as dominantly western as Tolkien! But I think you made it work, and made it work well at that. Also I really like the little gold swirls behind him. <3
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AlisonAilfinnAllan|Hobbyist General Artist
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GamgeeFest's avatar
He does look very judge-y. I like that you took a different approach for his features as well. Well done!
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Sirandea|Professional Interface Designer
This is really cool! He has a very intense presence about him. You drew the folded arms excellently - they're not the easiest things to do but they look great ^-^ I really like the Eastern influence in his costume and hairstyle, and those cheekbones are just something else! Very nice work.
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Amazing idea to paint him as a samurai. I love his eyes! Mandos is one of my favourites characters among the Valars.
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Wait, no he could just use his stare.
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He looks pretty serious. :D he needs a gavel badly
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Wow, really beautiful! And he's my favourite Vala too! ;) ^__^
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Ohhh O.O
He really DOES look like Mandos!
Great work.
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MirachRavaia|Hobbyist General Artist
That's a fantastic picture, and my favourite Vala!
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SuperSmurgger|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful work !!!! :heart: Nice concept for the Namo and cool highlight effects! !
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