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Things do get better, you'll see~ by Maulise Things do get better, you'll see~ :iconmaulise:Maulise 10 1 [HoA] Somewhere Only We Know by Maulise [HoA] Somewhere Only We Know :iconmaulise:Maulise 11 0 [Dev ID] Fuck the world, I'm floof by Maulise [Dev ID] Fuck the world, I'm floof :iconmaulise:Maulise 15 5 [HoA] Alistar's Inventory by Maulise [HoA] Alistar's Inventory :iconmaulise:Maulise 3 0 [HoA] Alistar Nightingale-Snow by Maulise [HoA] Alistar Nightingale-Snow :iconmaulise:Maulise 12 6 Seraltid Feral Reference (NDBM) by Maulise Seraltid Feral Reference (NDBM) :iconmaulise:Maulise 20 3 Looking down with pride by Maulise Looking down with pride :iconmaulise:Maulise 14 9 Running free by Maulise Running free :iconmaulise:Maulise 10 3
From nothing to the Milky Way - Prologue
A look into the world of Nil
Art. Music. Literature. The various forms of creative expression and the internet are what liberate me nowadays. Growing up, I imagine, people found me a strange child, and, in all honesty, I wouldn't blame that opinion. When I was younger, I never really found that much joy with ‘typical’ activities. I’d love to just curl up in a nest I wove out of reeds, softened by a bed of feathers fixated by dry moss. Settling in that expanse of seemingly infinite softness and comfort, I curled my long, furred tail around myself with a soft murr of relaxation before sinking into and exploring my own reality that lived within the relaxing depths of my mind, expressing and adventuring through it, whether through art, music, or literature. It was like a different reality, perfectly suited to me lived in that nest. No, it wasn’t that there was no sadness or negativity within that world. It was the fact that there, within that uni
:iconmaulise:Maulise 4 0
Innocence is not always White (a novel)-Chapter 1
Low, agonizing cries tore between the trees, sharp and short. A losing battle.  Labored grunts. Sounds of snow, scattered by wary, tired paws. The reek of blood…. corruption. Why, why, why, WHY! CURSES! Here I am, running like a moronic pup that has been scolded by its mother! I should be there, protecting and dying with my pack! Damn you, Shenha, why did you order me to run? I… I…. I…. Everything was so perfect just yesterday. SHENHA, YOU OLD FART! Why did you die to save me? WHY? ……..
Oh, Hlavin!
Narvin behou vernahra du ,
Dervi meru feranru.
Menhari torni dre
Vernae derbi fertre...
The silver wolf skidded to a sudden halt after finishing the age-old rite, blinking past her hazed, watery eyes, ears perking a she examined the area. It took the very last of her willpower to push
:iconmaulise:Maulise 3 8
Adari - Recollection - First sight
The night progressed, and, despite the softly crackling fire, and all the sleeping wolves around him, Adari couldn't quite calm down enough to sleep. The red pup was still thinking of his past, the warm scents and smells of his parents and brother, but yet, his mind could not help but wander to the dark moment in which he first opened his eyes.
It seemed to be a typical, calm, peaceful night in the fir tree-covered mountains that Adari and his family once called home. The air was chilled, the ground covered with pure white, freshly-fallen snow. However, something wasn't quite right. It was quiet, too quiet, in fact. Even the normally cheery nightingales were utterly silent. A breeze carried a scent through the snow-laden trees of the forest, an off scent, a death-like odor.
Adari suddenly awoke to snarling, a sharp cry of a wolf in pain. He whimpered, a blazing pain was in his eyes as they shot open. The scene horrified. His mother, her pelt torn, staining the snow as she took final br
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Adari - Recollection- All the scents and sounds
Adari curled up peacefully by the fire, closing his eyes, and with a flick of his ear, thinks back to a simpler time, his red pelt as-if glowing in the firelight. He thought back to when he was young, his eyes still closed, as he nuzzled up to the warmth of his mother and siblings, the smell of snow and fir sharp, yet pleasant to his nose. The comforting smell of his mother, and milk dominated his past memories, the occasional soft, yet ragged presence of his father by his side vivid. "I miss you..."- the pup mumbled softly with a light whimper, the nearby, warm scent of his caretaker comforting to him. He had yet to talk much about his past, despite knowing would have to eventually, but he just wasn't ready yet. Adari sighed yet again, and went back into the depth of his memory, before the attack of the wolfboar had occurred.
:iconmaulise:Maulise 2 0
Innocence is not always White (A novel) - Prologue
"Mama..?"- a little, odd-eyed girl, of 3, at the very most, glanced at her mother. Her eyes were mismatched,  one of them light blue, the other pure white. The flickering light of a nearby candle made it change tone, blood red, the pupil slit.
"Yes, dear?"-a long-haired woman called out softly, the silver tresses spilling down her shoulders like fine, soft silk, covering her sturdy figure-"What is it?",- she asked without turning around, continuing her preparations, shoulder lightly rolling.
"Why is my eye like this, mama? Are papa's eyes like this..?"- she asked sweetly in response. The woman stiffened at the phrase , letting out a sharp breath, her voice harsh as she turned to look at her daughter. Her light blue eyes seemed age-old as she harshly responded,-"Not now, dear, we'll talk of it when you're older. Now head to bed, it's an early rise tomorrow for the Gathering".
"....Yes, mother",- said the little girl as she clambered softly at the stairs, her hidden wolf ear pulled
:iconmaulise:Maulise 7 18
AT: A bright summer's day with Adoni and Tazune by Maulise AT: A bright summer's day with Adoni and Tazune :iconmaulise:Maulise 15 22
Am I really that useless, dear figure of heart?
Look at me…
What do you see?
Am I really as useless as you state me to be?
Dear you, even though you shall never lay eyes on this verse
I find it really adverse.
I've tried hard for you ever since I was small.
I still do, yet you don't care at all…
Dear figure, dear father, why do I care?
Why do I care for your thoughts when they're so unfair?
You'll never lay eyes on this verse, but I'll still say
I somehow still love you despite your way.
I still care and worry for how you fair
Despite you sending me into despair
With harsh words at hard work
Making me mourn, making me stop at a fork.
What to do, where to turn..?
When will I learn?
:iconmaulise:Maulise 6 9
Betrayal (short snippet thing)
I... I'm so sorry... I... I never wanted this.... I loved you, I'm sorry... not-not anymore.... I-I... I can't. I'm sorry. I hope you'll survive this...
He stared after her with her dazed eyes as he lay on his side, bleeding, his fur blooming roses, his struggling breath leaving puffs in the cold air, his body empty, soul escaping at the words of the one that had brought him into his state, the loss, the heartbreak causing his bleak eyes to fade away, and he wearily rested his head on the dank grass. Why... what did I do to cause this.... I'll always love you.... he thought before becoming still for the rest of eternity, a single crystal drop soaking into his fur from those lifeless eyes, eyes the color of the full moon on a clear night, which were always so full of joy. That night, it snowed, hard, harder than anyone can remember for or since.
:iconmaulise:Maulise 1 11


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