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Edit: I also have adoptables available! $5.00 a piece! :)

Tiger Adopts Set 1 (OPEN) by MauEvig

So...since switching jobs money's been really tight. I'll be looking for a new job shortly once I get confirmation that I have earned my Bachelor's degree and hunt for a school that will let me teach on a provisional license.

That said, I'm willing to do cheap commissions to earn some extra money in the mean time.

If I still owe you a commission, let me know and I'll put yours on priority. I apologize that I get caught up being busy in life and forget to do things. If I do I'll likely have to redo it, which is fine because I need some drawing practice anyway.

I'll do written or drawn commissions, sketches, etc. I might also offer cheap adoptables for five bucks a pop if anyone's interested. 

Here's an updated price list:

$10.00 for one character, full colored/shaded with background.

$5.00 for one character, full colored/shaded without background.

Add $1.00 per additional character.

$7.00 for pencil shaded, one character with background

$2.00 for pencil shaded, one character, no background.

$1.00 for simple sketches and head shots. 

Also if you want something in a traditional medium like a painting, I'm going to be charging more. 
For other traditional mediums like paintings, depending on the size of the painting and complexity I'll likely charge $20.00 for painted commission on canvas, plus a shipping charge to send it to you.

I'm also open to written commissions or if anyone knows of any free lance writing companies that are actually legitimate, please send them my way.

Written commissions are going to be $5.00 per paragraph (4-5 sentences). You will have full control and critique over written commissions and let me know if any changes/editing need to be made.

I'll also offer editing services for the same price as the written commissions. (4-5 sentences/$5.00 per paragraph edited).  My Bachelor's degree will be in English so I hope that gives me some level of credentials. 

The only thing I won't do is porn or nudity. For written commissions, no erotica. I'm just not comfortable doing those things. 

LGBTQ stuff is allowed and welcome. Romance is allowed, so long as it's cute puppy love sort of things like holding hands or snuggling under mistletoe. 

I specialize in furry and Sonic style, I'm getting better with TLK style. Humans are going to be a little on the cartoonish/anime side of things. 

Available slots:

:iconjblask: - Previous commissioner I still owe a commission to.

1. :iconelieclipse: - Pending information

I'm only opening 5 at a time so I won't get overwhelmed. Once I finish these five, I'll open a new set. If I already owe you a commission and have forgot, you're exempt from this rule and I'll get to work on yours first.

I still have 4 slots available. I'm updating this to help remind me of who signed up for a commission.

I accept paypal.

Here's some examples:

Basic Fela Fly Colored by MauEvig

Mau's got a new groove by MauEvig

Meet Mwezi by MauEvig

Written examples:

      Dangerous flashes of lightning surged through the pitch black cloud sky, the roar of thunder echoed in the distance reverberating throughout the Ark’ethian civilization known as Rodentia. As rain poured buckets of water over the landscape and the flashes of light cast frightening silhouettes in the forest, every critter that lived there scrambled to find shelter. Those who lived underground may have found themselves drowned out by the surplus of water. The river current picked up with a terrifying force crashing over the rocks and rising up turning a deep dark brown from the constant mixing of water and earth. There was something unnatural about this particular storm as it roared through the terrain. Trees swayed back and forth, some falling down from the large gusts of wind combined with the rapidly eroding ground underneath their roots. Those trees that were merely stripped of their bark or losing a few leaves and branches might have counted themselves lucky had they been able to think. The storm would rage on for hours until eventually the thunder started to quiet and the lightning began to fade into the horizon.

Editing Sample:

Original from first draft of Sky Kingdom:

    Although the facial expressions were hidden, there seemed to be a look of fear and desparation in her eyes. Little words were spoken, but the few things she said were in a quiet raspy and breathless voice.

   "I need your help." She said. "I do not have much time."

   She handed the small bundle over to the jackrabbit warrior. A tear could be seen shining from the reflection of the sun’s rays on the stranger’s face as it began it’s climb in the sky. Suddenly the bundle began to stir as a tiny furred hand with little curled claws wrapped around Javelin’s finger. Javelin unwrapped the tiny bundle, who had the exact same blue eyes, who were part of the tiny kitten face that she had. The feline furling began to mew softly and look back at the hooded stranger reaching her other hand out to her. The paws were pure white with little pink pads, while the rest of her soft furred body was gray and striped, with tiny little pointed triangular ears.

  "Who are you?" Javelin asked looking back up at the stranger.

   "I don’t have time to explain. I was told to find you Javelin."

   "Who told you about me, how do you know my name?"

   "I know many things about you. Please promise me you will take her somewhere safe. The fate of my people depend on her survival. I am desperate. Please take and care for my little Ravine."

Edited Version from current draft:

    “Who are you, and what are you doing in the Kingdom of Rodentia, stranger!?” Javelyn demanded as she approached the stranger, eyes narrowed with suspicion. “Are you friend or foe! Answer me now!” Javelyn growled, doing her best to look intimidating, unsure if the stranger could be trusted and not wanting to take any chances that whatever it was she was holding could be a powerful magic weapon of some kind.

    The hooded one took a couple more steps back, fearful of Javelyn’s aggressive approach, she turned her back to protect whatever it was she was holding, clinging tightly. “Please, I-I mean you no harm. I need your help,” a soft feminine voice replied. “I do not have much time.”

    Javelyn was taken aback and stopped for a moment, trying to soften her voice a bit sensing the fear in her stance, but still remained skeptical, her ears pointed forward and alert to her presence, her tail quivered a bit in anticipation. “My help? Just who are you?”

    The stranger shook her head frantically, pausing for a moment to find the right words before she sputtered, “I-I cannot reveal my true identity just yet, it’s too dangerous! You are the warrior known as Javelyn, correct?” The hooded stranger turned back around to look at Javelyn in the eyes, which were wide with fear and hesitation. Her head was constantly looking back at the smoke she emerged from to be certain she wasn’t being watched from behind and back at the jerboa. Her long silk tail of beige lashed back and forth with anxiety.

    How does she know me? Why won’t she tell me who she is? She doesn’t seem like a threat...she seems more scared than anything...but...After taking a moment to collect her thoughts, Javelyn started to respond, “Yes, but…” 

    As she started to question further after answering the stranger about her identity, the jerboa was cut off and distracted as the bundle started to move and soft mews could be heard from underneath. Javelyn finally caught a glimpse of what the strange woman was carrying and protecting. It had bright blue eyes that matched the stranger’s that peaked out at her.

    The stranger cradled and cooed at the bundle, petting her softly to attempt to calm her. The bundle responded with soft purrs, and she blinked her eyes back at her. The hooded one then looked back up at Javelyn and responded, this time focusing directly in Javelyn’s eyes. “Your old Master Scimitar told me to find you. He’s an old friend of ours,” the stranger explained. “He said you could help us. Please, I’m desperate. My daughter’s in grave danger. If Ishkar’s men find her, they’ll kill her. She’s the last hope Sky Kingdom has!” 

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Yeah I would like a commission if you so could ^_^ I’ll leave a note.