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As long as you tag it, you're fine.
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Published: June 16, 2015
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The full title should be "As long as you tag it nsfw so the Safe Search won't pick it up, you're fine"

Anyways, this is probably an unpopular opinion on here and on Tumblr.

The reason I made this stamp is mainly due to me seeing some people complaining about the amount of Zootopia and Splatoon porn that's popped up recently. Now, if you don't like rule 34, that's fine. But it's not the end of the world if you see porn of your favorite movie or cartoon.

The thing that most people neglect to remember is that reverse psychology is a thing. If someone was to tell someone not to draw rule 34 because they don't like it and don't want to see it, that someone's still probs going to draw it anyway because they like drawing it, or someone might see you complaining and draw it out of spite (the former, however, is likely more common). You can't restrict someone's creative freedom, no matter what. All you can do is hope people tag their nsfw and hopefully not in the fandom's main tag.

Another thing that people forget is that rule 34 is NOT exclusive to those new shows, etc., that are popular at the moment (ex. My Little Pony, Steven Universe, Splatoon, Zootopia, Animal Crossing, I could go on), nor is it exclusive to kids' shows. As long as there's no porn popping up in the Safe Search results in image search engines and on Tumblr, you're ok.

But there will still be people out there who keep safe search off by default, and what if their kid sees porn of their fav show in an image search? First of all, if you have a kid, you should have safe search turned on and NOT off, so that's an irresponsible move on your part. Second of all, you should ALWAYS supervise your kids when they want to look something up on Google. Your computer is NOT your child's babysitter, so don't treat it like it is. That's the issue with parents nowadays, so don't be that parent.

Finally, your child's going to find out about sex in some way or another. Granted, rule 34 isn't the best way to find out about it, especially since there's such a thing as crappy porn drawings. Then again, neither is porn in general. But if your child finds out about sex at some point, it's probably time to give them "the talk", but be sure you do so in a way that your child will understand and be ready for. We really need to become more comfortable with teaching our children about sexuality and stop with the abstinence only crap because that doesn't help anyone. :no:

But back to the main point of the stamp. As long as someone isn't posting art that spreads hateful, bigoted, or otherwise harmful attitudes or behaviors, you don't have to worry. Ignore the rule 34 if you don't like it, report any porn that creeps into the safe search image results, remind people to tag their r34, and make sure kids don't see it. Don't let this become MLP 2.0. Also, Tumblr seriously needs a thing that keeps the safe search setting locked on if their members are under 18. dA has something like that, so why not Tumblr?

TL;DR: You don't have to like rule 34, but don't limit others' artistic freedoms because you don't like it. Just make sure they tag their shit.

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EdgyVendetta20Student Traditional Artist
Well... almost every fandom I am in has NSFW.
JekyllAndHydeChannel's avatar
JekyllAndHydeChannelStudent Filmographer
I'm not sure why rule 34 would be illegal even if it's not child pornongraphy, but what I do know is I would rather rip my own skin off while blood spews, just to be safe.
Aeonofthelight's avatar
AeonofthelightHobbyist Traditional Artist
These people who hate Rule34 have a Medieval-Catholic-Church-Syndrome ¬¬
GalaxyRailways2199's avatar
GalaxyRailways2199Hobbyist General Artist
I wish Deviantart allowed you to upvote comments, because this one deserves an upvote.
Aeonofthelight's avatar
AeonofthelightHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, thanks!
RandomFortuneLuck's avatar
RandomFortuneLuckHobbyist General Artist
You may draw porn,just remember-police watching you.
Sofia04Cat's avatar
Sofia04CatStudent Writer
I only like R34 for Hentai.
Kissasheep's avatar
KissasheepHobbyist Digital Artist
i only use rule34 website for Kirby characters and stuff i'm sexually attracted to

and in rare cases
a Kirby character i'm sexually attracted to getting fucked by a Fire Emblem character
(it exists, i shit you not i've seen it)
Kissasheep's avatar
KissasheepHobbyist Digital Artist
tumblr didnt lock safe mode
they banned porn overall
MaudeDraws's avatar
MaudeDrawsHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, but I made this stamp well before the nsfw ban took effect.
Kissasheep's avatar
KissasheepHobbyist Digital Artist
smolbreadtoast's avatar
I hate rule 34 bc that was the actuall reason why my childhood is gone,but i'm not gonna act like a 5 year old telling them to stop
GalaxyRailways2199's avatar
GalaxyRailways2199Hobbyist General Artist
If you think rule 34 is the reason your childhood was ruined, I have some abusive relatives I would like you to meet. They'll teach you what an ACTUAL lost childhood looks like.
yudrontheglatorian's avatar
yudrontheglatorianHobbyist General Artist
i think telling them NOT to do it only encourages them more.

reverse psychology.
DaBair's avatar
DaBairHobbyist General Artist
Sometimes rule 34 can be really sexy.
TrutenFan12's avatar
TrutenFan12Student Digital Artist
I'm okay with r34 along it not milf or pedophile.

i blame the dbz fandom for it.
MaudeDraws's avatar
MaudeDrawsHobbyist Digital Artist
You mean loli/shota or cub. Pedophile is a person attracted to irl kids, not a catagory.
TrutenFan12's avatar
TrutenFan12Student Digital Artist
Yeah. Basically.
Don’t like seeing shota and lolis with adults.
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JimmyTwoTimes2K9Student Traditional Artist
I only go on Rule34 just for Daria.
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courage-and-feithStudent Writer
I agree with you. It's like buying games like "Call of Duty", "Overwatch", "The Witcher 3" and "Hotline Miami" for your children and them complaining that violent games should be banned because they make children grow too much "rebel" and "violent".
I mean, what sense does this make ? Nazare Tedesco - Emoticon

Instead of letting your TV, game consoles or PC be your babysitter, why not be there when they need your guidance on life, so, you won't need to "resort" to such devices which may become more a trouble than anything else ?

It's much easier to change your behavior and attitudes than ask the world to conform to your needs and tastes, don't you think ?

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They hate porn fan art because they think kids could find it.
Meanwhile everyone is okay with gore fan arts...
BrownPen0's avatar
i dont give a crap about r34:XD:
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Ari-DynamicProfessional Digital Artist
I couldn't agree more with this stamp. :D
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Troops21Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like to joke with NSFW stuff because my parents never watched what I search up now.
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