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kapre with little girl

a kapre is a supernatural creature in philippine folklore... i'm not sure how it looks, but this is how i imagined it. it was supposed to look like an illustration from a children's book, hope i got that..
this wasn't as neatly executed as i wanted, but i do hope it has that bit of eeriness.
done with pens and watercolor
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Hi! Just used your photo for a cover! See it here ->
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Hi, Mau-i. My name is Kenneth Yu. I'm the publisher of Philippine Genre Stories ( I saw this picture you made of a kapre with a little girl, and I really like it. May I have permission to use it on my site with a story about a kapre that suits it. That story is due to come on in mid-May, and I'd love to hear from you if it's okay for me to use it. I will credit you, of course, and link back to your deviantart page. I tried looking for your email address here, but I couldn't find it. Please email me your answer after you get this message. My email address is pdofsf(at)yahoo(dot)com. Thank you!
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hey, I think you did a great job and succeeded on the childrens book theme! :D

and also I hope that you won't me using this as an illustration of the kapre in my presentation about Philippine mythology :)

Thanks in advance :)
Cred's to you ofc !
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this is defiantly eerie! great job!
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Nice drawing. I was in the Philippines last month, and my relatives told me a lot about these creatures. It's really fascinating. The colors are nice, and your design for the Kapre looks good.
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This is really an amazing work.

I don't know the philippine folklore about the Kapre, but I don't need to. [By the way, I spent 6 weeks in the Philippines for Jungle Training with the Marines in 1968.] Your vision of this Kapre is a wonder. He looks dirty and evil, but somehow not dangerous.

Just look at the little girl. She's not afraid. More curious than anything. And the way you portray her with her doll just looking at the Kapre shows no fear, no danger. As if he's an enemy (she doesn't seem to see him as an enemy) she wants to tame and befriend.

Your colors are minimal for the Kapre, but precious coloring for the little girl.

A very interesting work you've created here. And isn't that what art is all about: to make life interesting?

Robert Tracy
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thank you so much for the kind words. and i do agree with you; art does make life a lot more interesting :)
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fav na to! galing!
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wow salamat!
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