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Side Road

Its just a little project that i worked on 2 months ago.
Now i picked up one day and finish it. :)

Rendered on my home machine with i7@4,5ghz and 16gig ram, in ~66mins with total count of 10.332.784 Polys(~9mio for the plants)

Cinema 4d+vray+ivygenerator, passes(beauty, alpha, depth...) composed in photoshop. Last retouch with AE5.5: Lens Flare with Video Copilots Optical Flares and few particles with BCC8.
All Textures were taken from our university libary or are custom made.

/edit daylight+night+wireframe now
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it's a simple vray sunlight system in the daylight scene...and some spherical lights in the night some post like the lens that you like it 
u have some great stuff in your gallery too :)
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Greatly done, I love the mood of this, day and night alike! Masterful lighting, especially the night scene. Something I personally find incredibly hard to achieve.
How did you set the lights up for the nightshot? is it just the lights i see+GI or is there more hidden magic at work?
One thing though about the door and window ledge; While the rest of the scene is nice ad organic, these are far too angular and perfect. try to up the polycount on those and use a displacer with minimal values. Adds a lot to realism. And the textures on them are a little too bland; You can paint a little weathering and dirt on the stone and wood. And let the grain of the wood follow the direction of the structure: Add a seperate selection on the bars that run horizontally and angle the material on these 90°. And And yet another selection on the little pieces in the middle. Same texture, just with an xyz offset. That way the door won't look as if carved from one piece of, but assembled.
Again, really nicely done. Verry alive.
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Very nice lighting, excelent!!! :)
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Nice!, i really like the mood of the second render :)
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Amazing light and atmosphere.
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Wow that looks great! Nice job on the night lighting as well :heart:
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Love the work a really great looking scene.
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fantastic! i wanted to make something similar for so long but didnt have the power to start ...

and a little opinion:
maybe if you lower the saturation itll look more realistic
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hey! thanks for the comment. i had the idea of this picture long time ago too, but the shading part was too heavy for me. now with some more experience it was quite easy to finish.

i lowered the saturation a bit. compositing isn't my favorite part, i should look around and compare with others work next time.
thanks for the tip! :)
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youre welcome!
its beautiful anyway^_^
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Beautiful work :D
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