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hmm the new year 2012...

i have update my Website with new photo and co. :) - have a nice weekend!

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  • Listening to: radio

Today I cleaned up my gallery.
You can now see in the "prints"… folder which images you can order from me.
All prints are printed on A3 Hahnemühle FineArt PhotoRag 188gr. paper, hand-signed and numbered and cost 55 Euro + shipping.
To order a print, write me a note with the title of the image. :)

Well, on 10 March, i have my next big photo exhibition. If you're interested, come in.
In the theater of Bernburg, at 7pm.

exhibition by matze-end

Have a nice weekend, matze.
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... piiiep ...
at the moment i have to work hard for my new exhibition next month. :/
I have no time to upload new images or to reply the comments. :( *damn*

Some of my pics which I exhibit (Unsorted).

Alienbrain by matze-end The Poppy and The Cube No.3 by matze-end Ms. Fragile by matze-end
Ms. nightcolors by matze-end Ms. Purple by matze-end two lines by matze-end

Caught together No.2 by matze-end .:Way of Life:. by matze-end .:Openness:. by matze-end
.:Last Sign:. by matze-end ..Painted Sky.. by matze-end Ionischer Tempel no.1 by matze-end
castle of georgium no.2 by matze-end Ionischer Tempel no.2 by matze-end Saaledock No.2 by matze-end
Saaledock No.1 by matze-end

On the large Stone by matze-end Field in the sunset by matze-end The Cornfield by matze-end

And a preview of my exhibition next year.
face of a town No.2 by matze-end
... piiiep ...
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:eyepopping: (I can not believe it.)^2 :eyepopping:

:faint: Unbelievable :faint:

Oh my God.

:omfg:!!!!My first DD!!!!:omfg:

I would like to thank all the people that have my picture favored. :hug::hug::hug:
Take special thank you to ArtisnotanAccident and quietchildae.:blowkiss::blowkiss:


Mature Content

Turn Out by matze-end
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Hi friends,

I put in the middle of preparing for my photo exhibition.
What a fucking job!
I cut ?wooden boards?, these are all wrong sizes, although the young man at the hardware store has got all the right values. :(

damnnnn fuck!!

Preparation by matze-end
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After a long long loooong, looong time I have changed my profile iD picture. :D
It was very funny in Quedlinburg.
My girl friend has made this picture. Most peculiar I like my new hat and the breasts (left).

uuups by matze-end

Thank you baby...
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Today I received a note from eyelightzone that a crook has stolen photos. :(
Photos of me and other artists.
You can find him here and "his" gallery here . he is german and deviant since 5 month, you can found his personal website here .

Please look at the page of the fraudster, check the page whether images are stolen from you. :/
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Where's my avatar? What is this TEAM SEEKER?
I think that's already bold. :(
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I want to thanks all for the many :+fav:s and :+devwatch: in the last time! :hug: :hug:
Unfortunately, I have at the moment not the time to personally thank everyone. :(
Thus, it is certainly OK, too?!

A very big thank you to all the people who have supported me since the beginning.
I am very glad that you enjoy my work so well. :) :)

This year, I would like to focus more on the nature. Landscape and Waterscape will be highlighted. The series "Devil's Wall" is just the beginning. :D

The theme of nature is very important for my feature for this month.


Show me your best photos! The top 5 Photographers I want to show it here. You can submit your photos to 28.02.2010!

I'm glad for you!

mfg. matze

ps. have a nice day :D
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Now a year has passed. A year as a professional photographer. :D
People often ask me how I get such good quality in my photos. hihihi
Many simply want to understand or learn the HDR technique.

I think about it, to make workshops on HDR and HDR panorama.

I'm thinking about making the Worshops on the weekend.
The offer is also an overnight stay in a hotel for people who come from far away.
The panoramic workshop is additionally include a panoramic adapter.

Question upon question...

Do you have experience with workshops? What should I consider? How much money can you ask for it? Would you participate in a workshop with me? What would you pay?

Question upon question...

hmpf hmpf hmpf
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I can't bear the winter. :(
Today is frozen my water pipe, my car too.
The world stands still.

damn damn damn :(
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In last weeks, i had much to do. I worked on my first official project, "Museum of Prehistory - Panoramic HDR", in Halle / Saale. The photos will be shown next year on the new flyer. A large banner will also be printed and will be hung at the museum.
I hope those responsible persons are satisfied with the quality of the photos.
It was a hard piece of work to find all the errors in the panoramic process and to find a consistent quality.

I hope you like the photos too.

Museum of Prehistory No.7 by matze-end Museum of Prehistory No.6 by matze-end Museum of Prehistory No.5 by matze-end Museum of Prehistory No.4 by matze-end Museum of Prehistory No.3 by matze-end Museum of Prehistory No.2 by matze-end Museum of Prehistory No.1 by matze-end
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in the next time i will public some works to the project "National Museum of Prehistory".
her my preview, well i think this is a good debut :P

Museum of Prehistory No.1 by matze-end
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Howdy folks,

its time for a new journal.

in the last time i works hard in my job and i can't spend the time on dA.
i am sorry for the uncommented notes, comments and favs :( it is so sadden :(

mfg. matze
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