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Ponyvania: Unicorns


Frozen Shade: A wraith that manipulates frigid air.

Axe Knight: A zombie warrior in heavy armor, equipped with an axe.

Victory Armor: Zombie knight armed with Greatsword.

Dhuron: A beheaded knight who carries her own severed head.

Alura Une: An Une watered with copious pools of blood.

Wight: A skeletal corpse controlled by evil magic.

A few Castlevania enemies in pony form ;P I was asked to make these more... ponylike than my previous pony picture.

Also, I hate the way DA resizes large pictures >_< clicking twice is annoying
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La la la la  RPG ponies!
wilnet1tractor's avatar
Ah, PonyVania, Sympany of the Night. ;) AKA, CastleVania. 
StrandedGeek's avatar
I love Ax Knight and Victory Armor, I've been inspired to make own, mostly the monster girls from Portrait of Ruin. have a look!
Hikaruyami-have-fun's avatar
This looks great and it has two of my favorite monsters, the Frozen Shade and the Alura Une
jmkplover's avatar
YEAH! these are awesome.
chakradiehardfan's avatar
I actually played "Ponyvania: Order of Equestria" and there was an actual Alura Une boss fight.
Count-Author's avatar
This will come in handy.
Mechsae's avatar
Still some of my favorite ponized versions of things.

Love your work, Jessica!
0uts1ght's avatar
I really like the Dhuron one.
spacezillazon's avatar
good job on all of them
Daisuler1994's avatar
oh the memories.....very good job!
RadiationAlpha's avatar
Ah, beautifully combined! Well done!
Sikathesoul's avatar
Awesome Idea! :clap: Great Job! :D
I love Castlevania! :heart:
zeoram's avatar
I never played Castlevania but still they look amazing.
AuthorNumber2's avatar
Awesome-ing! Maybe do one with other Castlevania enemies or even bosses?
Lexplosion's avatar
Ooh. Nostlagia. And general brilliance.
Darc-Axl's avatar
XD they don't look as threatening!
mpkiller23's avatar
Holy crap! :wow: Pony are spreading to even newer heights now. I wish this could be an actualy cross over!
Poor Frozen Shade...she's just SOOOOOOOOOOOO Cute :3
Count-Author's avatar
I know... It's a shame one would have to kill her to get by.
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