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...and likely the largest bust I've drawn x__x
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Well there was those images you did for blizta a few years ago with even bigger bust sizes

agh5eventh's avatar

Qué demonio tan sexy y hermosa, buen trabajo nwn

Digoraccoon's avatar

She's a good time, and all it costs is your soul... o.o;

Brother-Rosscoe's avatar

No amount of fabric will hold those in O.o

The-Necromancer's avatar this rate, I can only think of the potential back pain involved with that bust size. o__O

SeiberSaiban's avatar

Must've drawn a damn good summoning circle to get a demon this big.

paladin095's avatar

Que diablura mas sensual sin duda >:3

K4nK4n's avatar

Adorable character & she has the most gorgeous-looking breasts I've ever seen.Sylveon Attract Plz

Reptillicus's avatar

well i know where i want my face!

dantiscus's avatar

Perfection ;w;

Lanif-Angelkiss's avatar

Oh man, certainly very busty indeed~ Really love the shine on her skin!

antcow's avatar

I think ive seen you draw bigger >.>

CharlesValentine's avatar

I seriously want to snuggle her right about now...


Ooh, colors remind me a bit of Libra~

Still probably not as big a bust as your own, though ❤

Tectorman's avatar

To paraphrase the Simpsons: "the largest bust you've drawn so far".

ECN13000's avatar

somehow I doubt that is the largest bust you've ever drawn.

this is a good picture nevertheless.

Sirdan87's avatar

She looks great! Keep up the great work.

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