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RadioCanadaEntrevista 2 by Matus76
Expo2017 en by Matus76

If you are in London, Ontario, near or it's in the way for your vacations, I am participating in the exhibition A matter of Clay IV with two sculptures, the exhibition is ending the September 10th. Take a look on the Facebook page
“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Edgar Degas

Alissa White-Gluz have shared my sculpture in all your social accounts, this is for FB:…

Who is Alissa White-Gluz? She is the vocalist of Arch Enemy.

Hey everyone,

The people of VIDA invite me to participate in their project to create apparel, this is made in a socially conscious way and they gave me the opportunity to convert my designs into their clothes.

These are the designs with my sculpture:…
The project of VIDA:

Take a look.
Hello everyone!

I finally decided to open a page on facebook and here it is: matiassierraescultura

See you there and here.
Hi all, 

The volume III #10 of the Woven Tale Press is just out and I am between the artists showing our art.

Take a look to the issue and to the project too:…

Hi all,

After the wave of visits to my sculpture "Self Taught", one of these persons, Frank Gallimore, ask me about to show a picture of the sculpture in the next issue of the Get a Z Life magazine and voila!

The last issue

The page where appear the sculpture…

Please, take a look to the magazine and the project.

Thanks for read the journal entry!
Again I should say a big thanks to all of them for share and make of my sculpture came more popular.

Thanks to Ovalme to show up my art in his site

After this new wave of diffusion, my art has been displayed in:

20 Creative and Beautiful Clay Sculptures by Matias Sierra…

Matias Sierra Sculptures: 18 images

Art Sculpture With "The Dark Matthias"…

And I want mention one old friend, a very nice blog about art:
Thanks to all here and everywhere for take this picture and make it circulate for everywhere. Now the print is available for everybody. Matías

Self-Taught by Matus76
Hi everyone!!!

finally I have my own website with my artwork, all them are finished, nothing of wip, still some of them are missing, but I need take some pictures, soon.

Hope you enjoy it. I made it in spanish, french and english, all the artworks labels and some words of my bio (top to left).

The link:


Expo2013fr by Matus76

I was born in Argentina and my first contact with art was at school when I was six years old. At nine I began to work at an art studio with various media: paint, ink, charcoal, clay, etc. I developed a surreal style from the beginning. At thirteen or fourteen years old I worked almost exclusively with clay and I continue to do so. My artwork centers around the body and its parts. In several of my sculptures, the hands are the main subject. I can't give a reason for this. People always ask me why and I never have a response. Some ideas for my work are born from my own life experience or feeling. Others are simple ideas.

For the past seven years, I have lived in Canada, developing my artistic career. I did my first solo exhibition two years ago and two others with my studio colleagues. I am self-taught. I don't have a background in art studies.