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Welcome to our group Mature Ponies!
Here are the Rules:

- Please note that the 'description' of submissions containing links to outside NSFW website *may* cause the submission to be rejected, if the NSFW content of the website obviously go against DA's rules (visible penetration, cum, etc).
Note : Patreon is 'ok'.

*** These rules applies both to the members AND the staff. ***

- The submission(art, story, flash) must contain 'My Little Pony' subjects
- Humanized ponies are allowed
- Art doesn't need to contain mature subjects, but it should, because it's the topic of the group
- Realistic drawings are allowed
- Cosplay is allowed
- Digital and traditional drawings are allowed
- Males and females are allowed
- Male x male and female x female are allowed
- Lolicon/Shota is allowed
- Gore is allowed
- Fetish art is allowed
(But please, respect the official DA rules anyways!)

N.B. : Note on --LINKS-- in descriptions :…
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NEWS: Following Deviantart's new-newest insanity...
This club will NOT be accepting ANY deviation that are locked behind a paywall or locked behind a 'Watchers-Only Deviation' wall.
A list of all the folders, with their description, lies below.
-Pictures of Applejack only.
-Pictures of the CMC : Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, and honorary-CMC Babs Seed.
-Alone, together, or in group with their family or friends. (Priority on CMC over secondary characters.)
-Single-panel or multi-panel comics, standalone or continuous, go here.
翟ouples-2 characters
-Pictures of 2 ponies together only. No OCs unless paired with a canon character.
-For all the MLP:FiM stories/fanfictions of all kinds.
-Pictures of Fluttershy only.
腐ore, Grimdark, etc.
-Death, blood, gore, bad feelings, scary and troubling... It goes there.
腐roups-3 or more characters
-Pictures of 3 (or more) ponies together only. No OCs unless paired with at least 1 canon character.
膂ovie 2017 characters
-Pictures of canon characters, from the 2017 movie. Alone or in group, given priority to the movie's characters. *NO* OCs.
臺C Non-ponies
-Pictures of your *Non-pony* OC. Alone, or in group IF only Original Characters are present.
臺C Ponies 2
-Pictures of your OC. Alone, or in group IF only Original Characters are present.
臺C Ponies 1 (Full)
-Pictures of your OC. Alone, or in group IF only Original Characters are present.
臺ther Official Ponies
-Single art of canon characters, other than the Mane 6 and Royalty. *NO* OCs.
臺ther Official Species
-Single art of canon characters, excepting Royalty, that aren't ponies. Like Gilda, Zecora, Spike, Steven Magnet, individual sirens, even the pets, etc. *NO* OCs.
臺ther-commission sheets, stamps, cosplay...
-This folder is for commission sheets, meme-related pictures, stamps, cosplay, and any other deviations that don't fit into the other categories.
與inkie Pie
-Pictures of Pinkie Pie only. No grimdark/etc.
舞ainbow Dash
-Pictures of Rainbow Dash only.
-Pictures of Rarity only. Include Nightmare Rarity.
-Pictures of Celestia, Luna, Chrysalis, King Sombra, (Princess)Dragonlord Ember, and now Thorax.
-Alone, or in group IF only a combination of them.
蓉wilight Sparkle
-Pictures of Twilight Sparkle only. Unicorn and Alicorn versions.
-*Copies* of pictures that caught our eye.
艋orting is Magic
-You have been pre-judged, and now you are here.
-You will be re-judged, fairly and strictly, and you will be sorted elsewhere... or not here anymore.
-Please, just be reasonably careful of what you submit (we are really not 'that' picky, but still... there are limits) and respect the decision of the admin/mods, ok ? It's not asking for much here.
-Also, a reminder... while we can accept all sorts of content related to MLP:FiM, make sure you remember to -preferably- submit pictures/flash/stories/etc that are related to the ''main interest(s)'' of this club.
-AND, be sure that the pictures don't have obvious censor-like ''bars'' and that the description doesn't contain link(s) to outside NSFW page(s) *with* content against DA's rules (namely, penetration and sexual fluids).
Please forgive me, if your submissions to this club take longer than usual to be accepted, and the Sorting Folder to be sorted, but do understand that under this ''Oh-so new and superior(this is sarcasm) CELLPHONE-FOCUSED(this is NOT sarcasm)'' UI... Well, it will take time, to be frank a lot of time, to get used to this ''forced down your throat'' cellphone-UI.
Seriously, from my main page, I had to search and click through AT LEAST 10 pages just to get IN the club... and even then...
Let's cut it short, but real.
Eclipse is, currently at the very least, a nightmare to work with- through- around- for- whatever you used to be doing before; Now, it's a LOT more clicking, a lot more searching, and a lot more frustration.
I WILL still try... But, it's going to take time.
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rautamiekka Featured By Owner Edited Feb 27, 2021  Hobbyist Artist
Are submissions being processed at all ? My NSFW short war story ( rUNM4WS 0 [edit 2021-02-24: secondary links]rautamiekka's Untitled NSFW 'MLP G4' War Story 0WARNING Somewhat detailed gore/violence in 2 scenes.PREFACE This 'My Little Pony G4: Friendship is Magic' alternate-universe short war story is a huge combined fest of headcanons/ideas of my own and derivations from elsewhere expanded with my main OC, estimated taking place around 2-3 years before season 9's (final season) timeskip. Many are by no means originally mine.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I'm just posting this on DA instead of FIMFiction cuz their writing guide asks for so much it's simply way too much.You can read and comment on the same story in a few other places:Black text on white background (and section links) @ Google DocsWhite text on black background (and section links) @ Google Docspaste.ggThis is in English cuz there're many things here I either dunno the Finnish translation for, or it'd just be so much work to make it sound proper Finnish.I admit I never was the greatest at writing perfect English (let alone my native Finnish), but I'm reasonably confident I didn't completely butcher the language despite taking personal liberties.There's a LENGTHY explanations/lore section after the story, which is 100% spoilers. You can use your browser's search feature behind CTRL+F (I think it's Command+F for Mac; CTRL+F should work for 98-99% of other operating systems and desktop environments) to search for " THE END." without quotes. I haven't tested DA's mobile app even after they claimed they fixed and improved the thing for Eclipse not too long ago, so I can't say how you'd achieve the same on it.I hope you'll enjoy my 1st pony fanfic, and my 1st actually ever finished story. Believe me, I had started many in my time, but this is the 1st pony one.Please lemme know what you think.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------STORY Ponies along with zebra nationalists and the converted Changelings are at war with the zebra anarchists and unconverted Changelings. The zebra race is split in half, with the anarchists outnumbering the nationalists 1:1. The converted Changelings outnumber the unconverted ones 1.2:1. A thick large cloud of black magic is lingering in the air around the frontline. Applejack and Pinkie Pie are teamed together to guard the right flank, Alicorn Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash the left flank, divided by a 5 meters tall 25 meters wide tungsten-steel synthetic alloy wall, with Strawberry Cocoa and a Pegasus stallion "Blademaster Alpha" (armed with a retractable blade on the side of the left wing, non-retractable blade on the back end of the wing, and a bulletproof (< 50cal (12.7mm)) largely magic-proof metal armor on top of the wing) in front, outside the wall. Both side flanks have a Pegasus stallion 200 meters behind them. A zebra mare armed with a gravity-controlled blade on both front hooves, together with a male Changeling comes over the hill further away from the wall. They notice SC and BA running towards them. The duo starts running towards the ponies while the C is charging his horn. BA opens and lifts his right wing up and starts charging it, creating visible audible electricity. SC notices the C's glowing horn, charges hers in turn. 50 meters away, the C fires a tesla ball aimed at SC. 2 meters before contact she executes her spell, creating an anti-electricity wall that disintegrates on contact with the tesla ball, destroying it. BA swings his right wing towards the C for a counter-attack with an electricity ball who side-steps the fairly slow-moving attack, not realizing SC has been keeping her horn lit right after BA launched his, guiding the ball to the C's left side, making direct contact. He screams in pain, convulses a little, and collapses. C's Magic Command: "WARNING 1 OF 3: Partial spinal paralysis by electrocution: movement offline." "WARNING 2 OF 3: High magic interference detected: magic systems offline." "WARNING 3 OF 3: Flight compromised by electrocution: left wing offline, right wing __seven-five__ percents online." "Diagnosis in progress ..." ~4 seconds later a heavy bang comes far away from the way the C and Z came. SC executes a spell. She turns to BA, Z stops. C's Magic Command: Diagnosis thread 1: fatal error: invalid brain interface response. SC whispers: That's a fucking __two-zero-three he__, 18 __secs__. That ling's a-fucked. BA: Time to hide. SC's Magic Command: Charging 'Short-medium-range dual teleport' ... C's Magic Command: Diagnosis thread 2: mana pool connection restored. C gets the feeling something's off, looks behind up to the sky, and seeing the huge shell reaching the curve, with 15 seconds left, mutters "Did you morons just ... ?" Z realizes the same, turns around and starts sprinting towards him. C's Magic Command: Diagnosis thread 3: horn interface unresponsive. C pulls an epipill from his left front hoof back pouch and bites it. C's Magic Command: "UPDATE 1 OF 2: Leg nerves partially unblocked by adrenaline: movement online." "UPDATE 2 OF 2: Flight compromised: left wing five percents online." He gets up and starts clumsily moving towards Z. SC whispers: Looks like they figured that out. BA: Ruckin' sucks for them. C's Magic Command: UPDATE: horn interface partially online. C tries to use his magic. It's not working too well, but he gets an injector from the same pouch and holds it above him. SC executes the teleport, moving both behind the wall. 10 seconds to impact. SC's radio spell: Foxtrot-Lima-1 DANGER CLOSE: munition __two-zero-three__ Halo-Echo count 1, distant unsafe impact 7 ! RD, TS, Aj, and PP make a sliding dash to cover. The Pegasi far behind them plant explosive screens. Everyone puts their hooves into their ears. Z arrives to her teammate, turns around, C jumps on her back, she starts sprinting towards the wall at full speed, he injects her with a yellow epipen. 5 seconds to impact. 5 seconds later impact and deafening explosion. The duo makes it 4/10 of the way to the wall when the shell impacts into the downhill, making a 2 meters deep crater, sending fragments and a very powerful shockwave towards the wall. The shockwave, facing both forwards towards the duo and downwards, flings the friendly fire statistics into the air, the fragments slice them really heavily. Both make blood-stopping screams. The ponies behind the wall hear them all too well. The fragments hit the wall, making scratching/thud sounds. 1 seconds later the shockwave shakes the wall, temporarily tilting centimeters inwards. The friendly fire statistics hit the wall top edge at very high speed, the victims making highly sickening sounds of crushed bones and snapped coats, muscles, and spines, falling to the ground behind the wall in front of SC, making a sickening splash sound. Both are instantly dead from the impact to the wall, not enough time to feel nor react. SC, with a somewhat louder voice: Holy motherfuck, that was disgusting. Combined with hearing the sickening sounds and seeing the corpses, BA gags a little and spits, while Aj pukes. BA under his breath: Better them than me. Textual representation of Aj's brain's internal status: "Temporal lobe reports ultra-corrupted auditory feed !" "Thalamus reports black magic in visual feed !" "Long-term memory unreachable !" FL1B evac Pegasus on radio: Foxtrot-Lima-1: blast dispersed. TS' radio spell: Foxtrot-Lima-1, back to your positions. The evac Pegasi store away their explosive screens. Aj is back to her spot while Pinkie is looking towards the other ponies. Textual representation of Aj's brain's internal status: "Primary visual cortex reports hyper-corrupted visual feed !" "Blood-brain barrier overrun by black magic !" "STATUS BLACK !!" Aj starts panting with an open mouth, puke/spit dripping from her mouth, face in a full shock. She starts muttering unintelligible words. Pinkie hears it, turns around to Aj, face changing to a wondering one. PP: Umm, Applejack ... ? Aj at a low volume: <unintelligible, very garbled> PP, getting concerned: I couldn't hear you, what did y- ... ? Aj's irises start turning red and PP was already moving to stand in front of her, tilts head to the right. "Apple- ... -jack ?" in a very concerned voice. Aj's panting gets heavier and slower. "Are you okey ?". Aj closes her mouth, lowers her head. A little over a couple seconds later she starts growling lightly. PP is reaching for her radio holder on her neck, when suddenly Aj lifts her head to look at her, an angry face on, spit foam coming from between the teeth. PP's eyes widen as she notices Aj's irises are blood-red instead of red, let alone her normal green, and visibly glowing. PP jumps away in horror. Aj assaults her, barely missing. PP jumps again. Hits the radio's big button with the right hoof: PP's radio's machine voice: E-transmission online. PP loudly: "Foxtrot-Lima-1-Bra-- ... !", gets cut off by Aj's another assault, misses. PP loudly: Foxtrot-Lima-1-Bravo: Code Romeo-Bravo, unit Alpha-Juliett ! Over. PP's radio's machine voice: E-transmission complete. The radio makes some static noise, then clearly, while Aj is assaulting rapidly: "Copy that Foxtrot-Lima-1-Bravo, Code Romeo-Bravo medevac en route, E-T-A 1. Out". "Hotel 1 copies Code Romeo-Bravo. Madness Box on standby. Out". "Hotel 1 HQ copies Code Romeo-Bravo". "High Command copies Code Romeo-Bravo". PP's radio's machine voice: E-transmission exit 0. Pinkie faces and tells Aj: Hang in there Aj, help is coming. While the evac Pegasus is coming, PP keeps dodging Aj. A minute later PP sees the Pegasus diving fast, waits 5 seconds, faces Aj and lets her come at her, slightly dodging and carefully pushes Aj's head to the ground. The Pegasus lands on Aj with a syringe in mouth, stabs Aj's right-side neck with it, causing Aj to yell in pain, and uses his left hoof to push the piston in, which proportionally makes Aj yell louder, pulls the syringe out, jumps off, and puts the syringe into a bottle. Aj drops unconscious after 5 seconds of involuntary convulsions. They start piling Aj on the special carriage on the Pegasus' back, PP tightening the straps. The Pegasus takes off. PP on radio: Alpha-Juliett shipment en route. Out. Hotel 1 on radio: Hotel 1 copies. Hotel 1 HQ on radio: Hotel 1 HQ copies. High Command on radio: High Command copies. SC's radio spell: "Bravo-Mike-Alpha reinforcing Foxtrot-Lima-1-Bravo by teleport. Out". BA is teleported close by in 2 seconds. 10 minutes later the Pegasus has landed outside the building nicknamed Madness Box where a couple white-dressed unicorn stallions are standing. U1's radio spell: Hotel 1 confirms Alpha-Juliett shipment arrival. Out. Hotel 1 HQ on radio: Hotel 1 HQ copies. High Command on radio: High Command copies. U1: Red Break claims another victim, 1 of Elements Of Harmony no less. FL1B evac Pegasus: I know, right. At least she's recoverable. U2: Yeah. She'll be back in the field in 5 hours, give or take a few mins. Using telekinesis the unicorns quickly unstrap Aj, U1 takes her out, U2 places the straps back in the carriage, unstraps and turns off her radio, the Pegasus grabs some water and a blueberry pie slice from a secure box while the unicorns take Aj into the Box. The Pegasus takes a non-hurrying trip back to Foxtrot-Lima-1-Bravo. Each Madness Box room is a special both-ways soundproof one with super-soft padding. Aj floats while U2 - injects into the back of her head just under the skull - puts the injector in a bottle - injects her with nutritions and water - injects a high amount of anesthetics into her spine - grabs a computer tablet from the wall shelf next to the door, taps a button on the screen. The tablet's machine voice says "Detection in progress", then 10 seconds later: - DETECTION COMPLETE: - INJECTED BOT 'Zepto Bot 1', - PATIENT 'Applejack', - PATIENT CALL SIGN 'Alpha-Juliett' - RACE 'pony, biological', - SPECIES 'Earth', - AGE '29', - SEX 'female', - RESIDENCY 'Sweet Apple Acres', - MUNICIPALITY 'Ponyville' OF 'Western Equestria'. - PROBLEMS IN PATIENT: - 1: 'Red Break' - AT '4 minutes' - PAUSED BY 'blackout injection' - CAUSED BY 'mental resilience threshold exceeded' - TIPPED BY 'long-term external black magic influence'. - NO FURTHER PROBLEMS DETECTED. - NUTRITIONAL STATE 'full, augmented', - HYDRATION STATE 'full, augmented', - PATIENT RECOVERABILITY 'perfect', - 'Zepto Bot 1' POWER STORAGE STATE 'full, augmented'. - 'Zepto Bot 1' calibrated. - Connection to 'Hotel 1' HQ online. - Connection to High Command online. - 'Zepto Bot 1' online. Hotel 1 HQ on radio: Hotel 1 HQ confirms Alpha-Juliett Zepto Bot 1 connection. High Command on radio: High Command confirms Alpha-Juliett Zepto Bot 1 connection. After which U2 places the tablet back onto the shelf, puts her into a straightjacket not even her exceptional Earth pony strength can damage, and a modular encased very comfortable helmet that allows 0 light. After U2 verifies she's secure, U1 lowers her onto the soft bed on the floor, placing her on her left side, and lowers + locks a highly heavy-duty metal cage over the bed. U1: There, she's ready for treatment. Both unicorns exit the room, close + lock the door and return to the hospital main area. 15 minutes later Aj's unconsciousness has transitioned into deep sleep. Throughout the 4-hour treatment, Aj sees dreams where she has a 3rd-person view on an Earth pony mare who doesn't have any colors, genociding entire villages of similar-looking ponies, zebras, Changelings, and griffons, among many others. The world looks real, but has nonsensical glitches and changes. Despite all the horrors, spectating this madmare doesn't give her any reactions way or another, instead she's intrigued to see what comes next. After what felt like days of bloodbath, Aj finds herself lowering down to the ground, 5 meters away from the madmare. Aj's heart starts beating over double the normal speed and her blood pressure rises to uncomfortable levels. The madmare, calmly, while still facing the other way, without moving her mouth: Well, it's finally over. Aj with a scared voice: Wh-what in tarnation that means ? Madmare turns her head to the right side, her voice starting to change to Aj's: "Equestria 'course, silly", the last part with Pinkie Pie's cheery dismissive voice. The madmare's existence starts to glitch very badly with a corrupted sound while she slowly walks towards Aj. Aj tries to jump backwards, unable to even feel her muscles. Madmare's face transforms into a creepy, vague copy of Aj's, but Aj recognizes it as hers, her expression changing to horrified. Madmare stops and says: <unintelligible> Oh yeah, I <unintelligible> Alicorns. Aj and the madmare are suddenly indoors at High Command, in front of the front blast doors that had been busted inwards, massively mangled. Madmare: Aaah, we're here. Now to finish the <unintelligible>. Aj's wondering how she's gonna stop this mad clone who just recently genocided entire villages. She notices she can move just fine now. Quickly checking her immediate surroundings she finds a fire axe on the wall to her right. Without hesitations she quietly takes it into her front hooves. Aj: Not if've somethin' to say 'bout it ! Madmare: "Whadda just say ?!" She turns around to face Aj. The world started to glitch heavily. Aj swings the axe from her left at the horrified madmare's right neck, getting lodged and the force throws the madmare to the wall on her left. Madmare, in Aj's full voice after recovering from the initial shock: What'n tarnation was that for ?! Aj: I'm stoppin' ya right 'ere, right now. Aj pulls the axe from madmare's neck with an angry "You fucked with the wrong pony this time" expression, causing an uncontrollable bleeding. Aj raised the axe. Twilight Sparkle puts her right hoof on Aj's left shoulder. TS, with a smile: "That won't be necessary, dear Applejack. She's already finished". Aj's expression changes to a neutral "If you say so, princess". Madmare still lays on the floor. 10 seconds later the bleeding has become beyond fatal. Madmare sighs with a smile "Good work". Aj, surprised, raises the left eyebrow: "Whadda mean ?" Madmare slumps over. Aj drops the axe. Unicorn 1 and Pinkie Pie, complete with her signature party cannon, appear behind Aj, who she notices. Madmare's corpse disintegrates with a corrupted sound. A machine voice echoes in the HQ halls, to which Aj raises her head: STATUS: - PATIENT 'Applejack': - GENERAL ANESTHESIA AT '5.9 hours' IN EFFECT. - 'Red Break' TREATMENT COMPLETE. - NO FURTHER TREATMENT REQUIRED. 4 seconds later the same voice: ANTI-ANESTHESIA INJECTION DETECTED. ACCELERATED ANESTHESIA CLEAR-UP IN PROGRESS. 14 seconds later the same voice: PATIENT 'Applejack' BOOT-UP IN PROGRESS. Aj turns around to face the duo. U1: Congratulations, you pulled through. PP, very cheerily: "Party time !" She blows her party cannon. The world finished disintegrating, Aj drops unconscious. The dream ends. Back in the Madness Box, just a couple minutes short of 4 hours after the start of treatment. The cage has been raised, U1 and U2 are sitting around Aj, straightjacket and helmet has been removed, placed onto the floor to her left. U1: Welcome back. Aj: Wha- ... Where am I ? The tablet's machine voice: PATIENT 'Applejack' BOOT-UP COMPLETE. 'Zepto Bot 1' OFFLINE. U2: Hotel 1 Madness Box. Aj: Th- ... Madness Box ? What happened ? U1: You were at the frontlines, right flank. Foxtrot-Lima-1-Bravo with Pinkie Pie, remember ? Aj while failing trying to get up: Did I ... ? Red Break, right ? I remember nothin' after the explosion. U1: Indeed, your memory didn't receive data to store due to the explosion mangling up the enemy so badly your brain wasn't able to function correctly after experiencing the horror. Add to that the still-lingering black magic in the air. You did attack Pinkie many times but she kept dodging while radioing for Romeo-Bravo medevac and helping restrain you without hurting you, beyond the K-O injection. While you were under, Pinkie Pie asked to speak to you through radio, which is why you saw her during the last seconds of the dream. U2: How're you feeling ? Aj: Somewhat stiff and somewhat tired. Mind helpin' me get up ? U2: The accelerated anesthesia clear-up injection. Stupidly strong stuff, that. Both unicorns stand up and U1 uses telekinesis to put Aj on her legs. Everyone leaves the building. U1 uses telekinesis to hold and switch on Aj's radio and straps it back onto her. U1's radio spell: Hotel 1 confirms Code Romeo-Bravo treatment uneventfully successful, victim Alpha-Juliett largely online. Out. Hotel 1 HQ on radio: Hotel 1 HQ copies. High Command on radio: High Command copies. Excellent. Out. PP on radio: Eek ! Welcome back ! Oh yeah, the frontline has been quiet for the past hour, and has been cleaned. Out. SC's radio spell: Sierra-Charlie on standby to teleport Alpha-Juliett to Foxtrot-Lima-1. Out. Aj: Ah'm going to the cafe. Around an hour later Aj has eaten and recovered. She walks to the teleporter. Teleporter handler's radio spell: High Command, this is Hotel 1. Do you want Alpha-Juliett to return to Foxtrot-Lima-1 ? Over. High Command on radio: Affirm Hotel 1. Teleporter handler on radio: Roger that High Command. Out. The handler uses a spell to activate the teleporter, now glowing in white, sending a signal to SC. Aj is teleported in a flash shaped like a mushroom cloud. THE END.EXPLANATIONS (SPOILERS) Used terms Radio codes - Foxtrot-Lima-1-Bravo = Frontline 1, right flank, aka Frontline 1 B. Pinkie's team's location. - Sierra-Charlie = Strawberry Cocoa. - Bravo-Mike-Alpha = "Blademaster Alpha". - Alpha-Juliett = Applejack. - Hotel 1 = Hospital 1, the closest hospital to frontline 1. Used when hospital personnel speak. - Hotel 1 HQ = Hospital 1 leadership headquarters. Used for high-profile administrative purposes, so under most circumstances they don't speak. - High Command = Equestria military leadership headquarters. At the time of the war this is Celestia and Luna, whoever gets to speak. - Zepto Bot = At this point in time, Equestrian medical services are highly computer-assisted to reduce the need for medical personnel, and very advanced in general. Zepto Bots are the most advanced medical tool, smaller than Nano Bots while more energy-efficient and with more features (such as the ability to augment their internal power storage with the body's electricity, which is why they're injected right under the skull), but in Aj's case only used for realtime monitoring just in case something goes south, and while listening to the tablet's output they can notify High Command to fix faulty info. - "Foxtrot-Lima-1 DANGER CLOSE: munition two-zero-three Halo-Echo count 1, distant unsafe impact 7 !" = Simplified way to say "Attention frontline 1 ! Take cover ! Single 203-millimeter artillery shell of type High Explosive impacting in 7 seconds at a dangerously close non-safe distance !". Non-safe in the sense that while you could survive the shockwave from a distance you could've a bad time when the fragmentation hits (hence 'danger close'), and the explosion itself could make you permanently deaf or at least get hearing damage (also hence 'danger close'). - "epipill" = Epinephrine, aka adrenaline, in a smaller pill form, hence not as strong, but far easier to use without someone injecting you or you using telekinesis to inject yourself. Used to partially eliminate blockage in nerves in a hurry, or if nerves are unblocked, force muscles on a small overdrive, increasing movement speed by 1.15x. Multiple pills stack. - "epipen" = Same as epipill but in injectable form. Near-instant. Used to force muscles on overdrive and partially eliminate blockage in nerves, increasing movement speed by 1 times. Multiple injections stack. - "Code Romeo-Bravo" / "Red Break" = Official Equestria-wide military/medical names for the mental breakdown Aj suffered. Explained later below under The Red Break. - "Code Romeo-Bravo medevac" = Usually each frontline flank has a dedicated Pegasus, sometimes a unicorn depending on availability and the necessity of unicorns in combat. - The Pegasi are trained in - fast-speed precision handling of the patients - getting to them ASAP (helped by their shortish distance of 200 meters) - in the case of Red Break dropping them unconscious for easier handling and to pause the mental breakdown using a special injection that causes convulsions that prevent movement and eventually lead to unconsciousness - quickly getting to the designated hospital without colliding with something. - Unicorn ones are trained in semi-augmented longer-range teleportation (the hospitals have a magical circle which helps augmenting the teleportation spell so the receiving/sending magic user doesn't need to use as much mana), they only need to spawn steel cuffs onto the patient to prevent them from moving, then teleport them to the circle, no need to teleport along with the patient. Alicorns are rarely used for this due to their combat abilities. Others 1) "Ruckin' sucks for them" = Blademaster Alpha's way of saying "Real fucking sucks for them". The "Ruck" part is pronounced like "ruck" in "rucksack". 2) "__two-zero-three he__" / "munition __two-zero-three__ Hotel-Echo" = The underscored parts pronounced as written (without the dashes), it's a 203-millimeter 100-kilogram high-explosive howitzer shell. These are the most destructive gunpowder munitions shot from a mobile field howitzer in both Equestria and our world (bigger mortars were always stationary and the railway guns don't count as mobile field artillery due to their extreme slowness and being enslaved to the railway). The howitzer used by the zebra anarchists and Changelings barely works due to their insufficient engineering (the howitzer usually never survives the shot, and rebuilding takes stupidly long), making their usage exceedingly rare, although not unheard of. As a result, SC has a spell which instantly detects any artillery shells right after a launch has been confirmed or suspected, tells her the size, composition (in this case High Explosive), trajectory, and impact time. The shot that did the zebra mare and the Changeling in who fought SC and BA was done by the impatient anarchists who didn't know how to calculate the trajectory correctly (were very stupidly lucky to get that close), and that Changeling was already in the know about all of that, so when he saw the shell in flight he was disappointed to realize his allies are risking the fighters' lives with a barely-working super-heavy howitzer just cuz they're impatient and hoping they could easily eliminate the pony opposition that was giving them so much trouble despite not knowing how to use the thing. 3) "E-transmission online" = The radios have a big button for emergency transmissions, mostly medical. This is merely a formality from the radios so the User knows what they just hit; the button can be hit again to manually terminate the transmission if it was an accident. 4) "E-transmission complete" = The radio waits a few seconds after 'Over' is said so it doesn't cut the transmission before the message is finished (in case there's something else to add to the message). Until then the transmission's still going. 5) "E-transmission exit 0" = Reference to the process exit codes in Unix-style operating systems (such as Linux) where 0 means the process ran perfectly fine until the end, while >0 means something went wrong, and the specifics are defined by that app. In this case, Pinkie Pie's emergency transmission was sent successfully, all the messages were processed successfully, and the transmission auto-terminated successfully after High Command acknowledged the emergency, anything else woulda indicated some other cause for the termination. An 'exit -1' would be manual termination by User. 6) "injects a high amount of anesthetics into her spine" = Aj is given a general anesthesia way longer (standard is 28 for baby foals, 20 for foals under preteens, 18 for preteens, 16 for teens, 10 for mares (which is 8 hours more than it takes for the 4 minutes old madness to be fixed), 8 for stallions) than the treatment process takes cuz if she awoke ahead of time her madness could potentially progress into a permanent one, at which point nothing can be done to help her, and the anesthesia further prevents movement. The anesthetics at such doses are perfectly safe, and the Zepto Bots will warn far ahead of time. 7) "not even her exceptional Earth pony strength can damage" = Aj is exceptional even for an Earth pony in that she's physically much stronger than another Earth pony mare her age and her stamina's a match for an Earth pony stallion her age, making her a very considerable force to be reckoned with. Therefore, the straightjackets are orders of magnitude stronger than in our world, used to prevent escaping and damage should the treatment somehow fail. 8) "she's ready for treatment" = In the Madness Box no treatment is done per se, it's all passive magical: Madness Box is custom-built of Dark Stone and Dark Steel, naturally appearing magical dark silver rock and steel (technically not steel by itself, but a rough mix of iron and coal with very low strength that needs to be smelted and properly mixed to produce the actual steel) with a total black magic silencing effect, thus blocking all black magic influences both ways, enabling all Madness Box patients to heal up in peace. The helmet is custom-built from Dark Steel and specially treated to convert black magic into good magic, eventually clearing the madness. The metal cage is also made of Dark Steel, meant to assist the helmet, and prevent the patient from escaping. The anesthesia, straightjacket, helmet, and the cage are a multiple points of failure strategy. <-- End "Others" The lore Non-specifics 1) Yes, all the radio call signs are NATO alphabet, and intentional direct equivalents to the names to make it a little easier to remember, and also as a bit of a gag; the names don't have a much deeper pattern (except for Blademasters), but if there's overlap the call sign refers to different parts of the name like in the case of 2-part names (for ex. Strawberry Cocoa) the 1st letter of each word or in the case of 1-part name (for ex. Celestia) the 1st 2 or 3 letters. Individuals with a high combat usefulness are given a call sign. I was thinking about giving Pinkie Pie the call sign Papa-Pie (Papa-Papa doesn't sound good, and horrifics like Papa-Papa or Papa-India-Papa-India are simply outta question), but figured she's not worthy of it, and on the other hand she doesn't need it at this point. 2) The Magic Command and magic systems are my headcanon where magic users have a biological computerized self-governing self-healing semi-intelligent (but still flawed) system in one's central nervous system in command & control of the magic abilities and reports to the owner about anything they need to know by making them subconsciously aware, making everything much faster without having to go through the brain's comparatively slower comprehension processing caused by having to transfer data between many places despite the brain being the fastest supercomputer to exist. The readable text is the textual representation of what one would see if the notifications were displayed instead. Being a computer system it speaks monotonously in predictable patterns. 'Magic systems' refers to the magic abilities being a set of biological computerized stupid independent systems that report directly to Magic Command, complete with a mana pool that suffers the heavier it's used without breaks. By design Magic Command doesn't answer to the brain or the central nervous system; in effect, the brain and central nervous systems aren't actually aware of the existence of these computer systems. Also by design the magic systems and thus the Magic Command are invulnerable to EMP (electromagnetic pulses/interference), unless the brain or nerves are affected, but even then it's not so simple to make a meaningful impact. Under the vast majority of cases the whole of magic systems will be able to self-recover, and when they can't the Magic Command will tell the owner to seek specific help, and shut down without auto-boot to prevent further damage and accidents. Although all pony/zebra races and Changelings (typically) have magic, only Alicorns/unicorns (and by extension Changelings since they're essentially low-level Alicorns (not very much better than average pony unicorns)) have the Magic Command & magic systems - and their usage/supply of mana is limited to species-/race-specific spells such as the wing electricity balls for Pegasi (and by extension Alicorns, minus Changelings typically), - and mana recovery is very slow compared to unicorns and particularly Alicorns. 3) The Pegasus/Alicorn wing electricity balls are my headcanon for a winged pony/zebra-specific spell which can be used after another magic user toggles the biological switch in the Pegasus'/Alicorn's brain that blocks access to the ability. Until the toggle is successfully done neither the User nor the brain even knows about the ability, thus making it impossible to be accessed. The switching procedure takes time, and is very delicate due to the switch's firewall tending to easily notice the intrusion, triggering instant unconsciousness. This is further complicated by the structural differences of female and male brains, thus making it easier for same-sex magic Users to perform the procedure at 7 minutes on the same skill level compared to 11 otherwise. 4) Equestria's radio systems are very clear-sounding and easy to hear. Their long range is further augmented by normal/gray magic. You can think of them like the AN/PRC-117F radio (10-kilometer range) in our world, improved by a high-power radio mast and unicorn/Alicorn magic, in the AN/PRC-152 (1-kilometer range) form factor. However, in the magic users the range is only limited by one's powers and skill. Just like the Magic Command's textual representation, the language uses mostly predictable patterns in as compact form as possible, and consequently is only partially based on real-life English-speaking military radio language, specifically USA and NATO. 5) The Red Break is my extension to my headcanon of extended magic types in Equestria: normal magic ("white magic"), dark magic, black magic. What I call black magic is called dark magic in G4. For ex, Sombra is a black magic practitioner. Dark magic is a gray area but by no means outlawed, useful to augment a magic user's powers, but carelessness will corrupt and eventually progress to black magic. 6) Equivalent to Jedi grandmasters, Blademasters (Bravo-Mike), based on the 'WarCraft 3' Horde melee unit type, the only ones to have a dedicated call sign, are my adaptation of Pegasi with massively high bladed melee fighting skills combined with the mentioned wing electricity balls. The disadvantage is they aren't that numerous. BA's current equipment is situationally chosen. <-- End "Non-specifics" Black magic 1) Black magic is considered an immediate threat to all life. Cuz of this alone, black magic practitioning is absolutely outlawed and proven ones are legally authorized to be killed (the law has been in place not long after Celestia and Luna became the rulers, and it's a forcibly taught common knowledge), or if possible captured for a brain scan, on sight with extreme prejudice. 2) If the BMP's brain is intact after the kill, the next step is to bring the corpse to specially trained magic users who'll scan the brain and the magic systems for anything interesting, then ensure the BMP's brain activity is non-existent (this process effectively makes the individual braindead, making their death as humane as possible while ensuring the corpse is as unusable as possible), then use another spell to physically destroy their brain, knowing that necromancers could simply restart the dead individual's brain activity. 3) Corrupted, non-practitioning individuals are taken to special jails just like the Madness Box, where highly skilled/trained magic users will try to purify them, which most of the time is successful, after which the purified individual is allowed to return to their normal life, with a magic user using invisibility and indetectability spells to keep an eye on them to catch who's corrupting them; only higher-level individuals can detect their trailers. Instead of the same Madness Box treatment Aj went through, this manual process is done to simultaneously scan the brain for data about the corruption source. It's a slow long process. 4) Each black magic individual has their own signature to their powers, a disgusting feeling detectable from 1 kilometer away by any sapient being. As a result it's very hard to move around without being detected cuz it's a given they'll get reported and hunted down. 5) Equestria doesn't have a special hunter company to hunt the practitioners, though, cuz high-level ones have various temporary methods to hide the signature, and Equestria ain't small. 6) During the war the lingering black magic is mostly left alone cuz of its tenacious persistence to come back, if not immediately, then after a short time, and destroying it or pushing it back is a massive use of mana even for Alicorns they can use for combat and killing the sources instead. This is precisely why Equestria's medical services are equipped to handle any related problems. <-- End "Black magic" The Red Break It has different meanings depending on the victim's race/species, but the basics are that the irises turn blood red after turning red, and the irises start visibly glowing: 1) In Alicorns (and by extension Changelings) and sufficiently considerably powerful unicorns (such as Strawberry Cocoa), especially with an Alicorn lineage (SC doesn't have an Alicorn lineage, but her family tree consists of part-monsters, granting her a bigger mana pool and magic skills between late-show Starlight Glimmer and late-show Alicorn Twilight Sparkle) it's a sign of extreme mana preparation, especially if accompanied by extreme anger, that'll leave the individual rather extremely exhausted post-execution of the spell. However, Starlight Glimmer would experience the exhaustion and under the right circumstances sink into madness just like Aj. While not life-threatening this state is a bad one to be in if large mana usage continues cuz the resulting headache will forcibly drop unconscious in a matter of a couple 10 seconds at max. Upon waking up not even the strongest morphine can treat the headache, instead other powerful magic users of the same sex have to induce a braindead-like state to allow the brain and the Magic Command to self-repair and the mana pool to recover and refill. The individual must wake up from the unconsciousness before this procedure can be started. The mana pool can't recover and refill until the state has been successfully induced, and until then the mana pool is damaged beyond function. For these reasons and the fact the procedure is complicated and involves pulling the plug from the magic systems and reconnecting it the patient can't self-induce the state. 2) In other sapient beings it's a sign of borderline irrecoverable madness caused by any or all of extreme - anger - grieving - terrifying ... - sights - sounds - mental images acquired from multiple sources during a matter of couple hours at minimum, 5 at max, and finally tipped over by the presence of black magic or recurring extremely terrifying sights/sounds or mental images, overriding the brain's limiters on giving into primal inherent murderous intents and no longer recognizing friend from foe and losing the moral compass. The susceptibility varies between individuals, though. If the victim ain't stopped within 1 hour (give or take 1 second) of the madness settling in, or made unconscious, to let the madness be rid of by the surrounding normal magic converted from the black magic, the madness will destroy the - limiter controls - concept of friend and foe , making reinstating the moral compass impossible and consequently resulting in a permanently disturbed brain where absolutely nothing short of the body shutting down or otherwise dying will prevent or even slow down the indescribably gruesome attacks. 3) Red Break can be thought of as the rabies in our world, but so many orders of magnitude far worse. It's not possible to speak, at least coherently, once Red Break happens, and memory access gets blocked, but individuals with Red Break gain a telepathic communications ability of sorts which is hard for others to hear. <-- End "The Red Break" Aj's brain This section is part of 'The Red Break' section above. The textual representation is only to give an idea of what happens inside the victim's brain that leads to Red Break, there's no computerization or anything. 1) "Temporal lobe reports ultra-corrupted auditory feed !": the sound info from the friendly fire statistics that's going through the temporal lobe to the thalamus is next to absolutely incomprehensible. 2) "Thalamus reports black magic in auditory feed !": the sound info the temporal lobe tried to process reached the thalamus which then detected black magic. Attempting to process the feed won't turn out well, but despite detecting the black magic there's nothing it can do about it and will try to process it like normal. 3) "Long-term memory unreachable !": her memory can't receive/send any data. At this point it's too late to re-establish. 4) "Primary visual cortex reports hyper-corrupted visual feed !": Aj is no longer able to see due to the black magic influence corrupting the path between the eyes and the primary visual cortex. 5) "Blood-brain barrier overrun by black magic !": the last protection layer has fallen to the black magic, poisoning the blood going through it. 6) "STATUS BLACK !!": the brain has near-completely lost control of info streams and itself. Only the primal functions work anymore, and the black magic is now giving the orders. <-- End "Aj's brain" <-- End "The lore"AUTHOR'S FINAL WORDS So, as you can see, Aj probly (not a typo) wouldn't have broken if the black magic wasn't in the air as thick as it was. But luckily for everyone she wasn't in an instant danger since she became unconscious ~4 minutes after the madness started, and she was unconscious for the whole time until she was left in the Madness Box where they put her under general anesthesia. Progressing to permanent madness wasn't a factor since the helmet had been converting the black magic for 15 minutes by the time she transitioned into deep sleep, thus disturbing the black magic that tipped her into madness, making its grip slip more as time went on. In other words the black magic and by extension the madness were fighting an uphill suicide mission. This is why non-magic users carry radios while magic users use a special spell which is completely compatible with the physical radios. It may sound like being harshly handled once the madness sets in, but in fact the whole process all the way from restraining the patient, dropping unconscious, taking to a hospital and preparing for the "treatment", is carefully designed for maximum survival of both the friendlies (and hostiles, for that matter) and the patient and as humane handling as where at all possible cuz Red Break will be massive bad news if not dealt with right then and there.CREDITS - Jouni "@rautamiekka" J酺vinen ( author. - "@RainbowSurvivor" ( a bit of help with English through Discord private messaging. - There're so many people I've derived ideas, headcanons, and concepts from, that it's absolutely impossible to even begin listing them, but thanks to them I've gotten my own bit of a story together. - "Flu420", Lorentz "Koseknotten" Eirik Dybing Bergh, "Lucky7", "NEDM", "𝕽𝕰kt", "1Herofox" aka "DrFoxter": playing 'Company of Heroes 2' mods with me, 1 of which introduced the auto-firing feature to the Soviet B-4 super-heavy howitzer which was damn annoying to use without the mod.) expired.
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