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By matu666
file can be downloaded Here

"There was a problem with the download of this file form the link below so I have decided to host the file on my own servers form now on"

a sticker I did so I could use for my poster, magazine and web design.
feel free to use it as you please
just read the read me text file in the zip

file can be downloaded Here

also featured on

please leave a comment on what you think about them
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© 2007 - 2021 matu666
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kingarthur-online's avatar
Ahmm me also here I cannot view your facebook page..But actually you did a nice work. :)
Radwaya's avatar
I can't view your facebook page can you please post a valid link here or using one of the standard filesharing services?
FuKaShIkA's avatar
sorry I mean (How) ^^"
The download link has been fixed
FuKaShIkA's avatar
Thanks for fixing the link .
FuKaShIkA's avatar
nice :love:
I will use it

thanks for the stars
but haow I can download the zib file ?!
CalvDaElf's avatar
wheres the download
rinrevo's avatar
Thank You so much!I really appreciate this! Will let you know when I use this on any of my work.
ampangel's avatar
Like 'em alot. So much so I used the sticker here: [link]
Irv-Ing's avatar
The1Blur's avatar
these r real nice :)
High-Deprogrammer's avatar
These are great. Thank you. I found a use for them right away here. [link]
fionaadam's avatar
I used your sticker here: [link] Thank you!
deathlymuffins's avatar
I've been looking for it for weeks. Thank you!!!
Brukhar's avatar
thanks for the feature :)
Brukhar's avatar
you're welcome :)
it can be download here
liquidchild101's avatar
thought id just say man, nice work but for some reason i cant download the zip file to use it?

it just comes up at a PNG file on another page?

i dont know if being a numb ass but i thought id just let you know either way

I have updated the links on the page
let me know if this is ok now
darkfirecourse's avatar
This is really nice! Thanks for posting and sharing this. Just so you know, you've been featured in an article on [link]

Congrats and keep up the great work!
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