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- i don’t do refunds. if i’m unable to complete it i’ll refund but other than that i won’t do refunds. you can ask for wips 
- you have to be patient- art takes a while and my home life is unstable time wise and sometimes things come up.
- you can use my art anywhere as long credit is given and you don’t claim it as your own
- if i don’t get it done within like... three months then please message me lol
- im real slow on word stuff sometimes due to mental health n shit so please again be patient with me, i have a lot goin on 
- use it however u want idc
- redesign it however u want just don’t remove me as a creator
- credit me @ daredevils on toyhouse
- dont claim ur the one who made it
- once i sell u a character all rights go to u 
- i don’t refund designs
- if i ever ask you to notify me upon trading or selling, please do so
- don't resell higher than you bought it for unless it has extra ar

if you got a commission from me that i have not completed, please comment here or note me!

comment here if i owe you art!!!blease i need to keep better track and this is easier


Green Bullet by Little-Vampire = this commission type is OPEN!
Yellow Bullet by Little-Vampire = this commission type is semi-open!
Red Bullet by Little-Vampire = this commission type is CLOSED!

for ANY commission, if you want an extra character, its double the amount!


Green Bullet by Little-Vampire Page Dolls  Green Bullet by Little-Vampire

Animated: 400:points: (45) by mattymurdock

Still: 250:points:
Pride Ych Example 2 by mattymurdock

+shading = +0.50:points:
Ych 5 by mattymurdock


Red Bullet by Little-Vampire Icons  Red Bullet by Little-Vampire
taking still icons only

Animated: 200:points:

linking = +100:points:
Theyyyy by mattymurdock
Still: 100:points:
1 by mattymurdockBillieelish1 by mattymurdockduchessuru by mattymurdock
+shading = +0.50:points:
mine by mattymurdockicedogmcmuffin by mattymurdock

linking = +0.50:points:

+shading = +0.50:points:


Red Bullet by Little-Vampire Fullbodies  Red Bullet by Little-Vampire  

note: if you want the lines like the first example, it'll be an extra 50:points:!
Flat: 600:points:
+Shading = +200:points:


Green Bullet by Little-Vampire Small fullbodies (200x224)  Green Bullet by Little-Vampire 

+Shading = +100:points:

  Green Bullet by Little-Vampire Headshots  Green Bullet by Little-Vampire 
Silas Headshot by mattymurdock

note: if you want the lines like the first example, it'll be an extra 50:points:!
flat = 350:points:
shaded = +100:points:


Red Bullet by Little-Vampire SMALL ANIMATIONS  Red Bullet by Little-Vampire

Simple tail wag and eye blink: 600:points:

Complex animation: 800:points:

+Tail Wag with complex animation: +100:points:


Green Bullet by Little-Vampire CUSTOMS  Green Bullet by Little-Vampire

name of oc:
palette or preferred colours:
hair type(emo dog, no hair, regular fluff, etc):
personality (grumpy,tired,etc):

if you got a commission from me that i have not completed, please note me!

im starting a new thing where i put all the commissions i owe into a journal!

© 2018 - 2022 mattymurdock
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Novaexplova's avatar
Could I get an animated pagedoll of this bean?

Species: cat/dog like hybrid
name of oc: Oasis 
palette or preferred colors: just his regular palette is fine 
hair type: mist like clouds in his head  hard to describe but it will be on his ref 
accessories: none
personality: grumpy, shallow definitely a buzz kill 
extra nothing i will  be paying with points ^^
Unbeatablemeghan13's avatar
Can I get a custom and a shaded Full body of them?
species: Cat/ Eastern Dragon Hybrid
name of oc:
 What ever you think fits, I am TERRIBLE with names
palette or preferred colors:… The orange can be the eye color (kind of thinking the eye to look like this Eye Idea) and you can add some grey as well
hair type(emo dog, no hair, regular fluff, etc):
 What ever you think fits
 A stripe scarf and a yellow gem necklace
personality (grumpy,tired,etc):
 Happily exhausted all the time
 For the body build I was thinking of them having limbs, tails length, horns, and whiskers of the dragons, the rest being all cat
nepkatz's avatar

species: cat!!
name of oc: yogurt uwu
palette or preferred colours: just her normal ones!!
hair type(emo dog, no hair, regular fluff, etc): she has long wavy hair, it can be on either side of her face uwu
personality (grumpy,tired,etc): nervous and flustered looking!!
extra: nothin!! paying w/ points
slimeydoq's avatar
Aa could you ping me when animated icons are available? :0c
nepkatz's avatar
aa hey, i see on icons its red but it says still icons only? are still icons available or is that outdated AAAg
mattymurdock's avatar
still icons are yea! 
JurrasicJay's avatar
Could I get a custom?

species: German Shepard and Husky Mix
name of oc: Virgil
palette or preferred colours: I guess Browns?? Like a mix of light and dark browns? Or even purpled would be fine
hair type(emo dog, no hair, regular fluff, etc): Emo dog hair 
accessories: maybe like, a bat collar?
personality (grumpy,tired,etc): Tired and sleep deprived
extra: Nope! 
mattymurdock's avatar
sorry for the late reply!!
i can do that!!! 
youre using points i assume? :0c
mattymurdock's avatar
would you mind if i put you on a hold for a couple days? im so sorry :'0c
partybonez's avatar
sure!! don't worry about ! :]
silvercup24's avatar
Are these still open? Could I get a pixel icon pls? ^^
WildWolfPrint's avatar
Could I get 2 small fullbodies with… and…
And a Animated icon with Shana
mattymurdock's avatar
can do! any pose for the two? (do you want them together, or apart?) 
any preferred animation for shana?

and in total itd be 600:points:
WildWolfPrint's avatar
For the two I would like them apart please and for the pose could you make Everest look excited/happy/cheerful.
Shade could you make her have a sassy expression and you can whatever you want for her body pose.
And for the animation, I don't really care X"D

I'll send the points to you asap!
mattymurdock's avatar
Bottles Up by Starkked  here's the first one! 
WildWolfPrint's avatar
Omg tysm!! I love it!!
mattymurdock's avatar
silvercup24's avatar
I was wondering if you wanted to do an icon trade!! ^^ Your icons are so nice!!! :>
here are some examples of mine! Its fine if you dont want to!! ^^
floating on a cloud (AT) by silvercup24   Ace77fc6-ee77-42e9-bf1d-097a94ffe2fb by silvercup24   A94278f1-50e0-41f9-9bf6-9faca6bc9361 by silvercup24  
mattymurdock's avatar
maybe sometime! but please dont comment here bc of a trade.
silvercup24's avatar
Ok!! ^^ thankyou! And sry bout that haha
PatchPuppi's avatar
Can i get a spot held OoO
mattymurdock's avatar
there aren’t any spots basically xD
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