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USS Libertine

By mattymanx
The USS Libertine

Model and Textures by :iconthefirstfleet:
© 2012 - 2021 mattymanx
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Love this very nice
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Odd looking, but I like it!
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Whoa! What a interesting design!
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Very cool :) Always liked the Federation carrier :)
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I think its a cargo ship and not a carrier.
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I've seen this design before (though usually without the third engine). The banks of shuttle bays down the side are for rapid launch of fighters and attack shuttles.

For example, the Heavy Carrier (CVA) : [link]

Still a great ship though :)
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I never knew that. Thanks.
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no worries. I don't know if it was used any where else, but I came in contact with the design in the game Star Fleet Battles (tabletop tactical ship combat game).
Converting that one was a nightmare - I never did get the textures to work properly.
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Great model!! thanks so much for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving! Joy!
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You're welcome
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My goodness, now that's an old one!
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No kidding. I only found it the other week and was quite surprised that I missed it before.
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