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TOS Phaser Rifle

By mattymanx
The TOS Phaser Rifle (Typre 3 Phaser) is modeled by David Metlesits - :iconmetlesitsfleetyards: - and converted for Poser and DS by me.

Origianl in .max format can be downloaded here:
© 2012 - 2021 mattymanx
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Thank you for the cool props!
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you're welcome
Where is the download link for this? All I see is an RAR download? How do I get this into Poser?
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In windows, using either 7zip or Winrar

Right click on the file and choose the option "extract to..." (not extract here)

When the explorer window comes up letting you select the folder to extract to, select the folder that your Runtime folder for poser is located in.  Do NOT choose the Runtime folder.

Choose ok and it will extract the contents to the right folders.
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I had forgotten about this. they should have found a way to include it in one of the movies.(updated version of course)
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Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing. Joy!
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I meant to comment upon this the other week.

A sweet prop that sadly never appeared in the series a second time. I also like that targeting screen has full dimensions so one need not posittion a smaller graphic upon a larger texture.


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YAAAAY! You did it again! lol I was just talking to Davea few days ago, lamenting the fact that I don't have MAX! lol
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Thanks, man! I owe you one!
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No problem Dave!
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Thanks for all your hard work and conversions!
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Cool! Would make a mean Water Rifle for summer! ;)
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I hear it's also great for spraying weeds in the lawn, and snaking problem drains! :D

Thanks for the conversion - looking forward to recreating the TV Guide cover ...
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That's awesome that he let you do that, and thanks for doing it! :)
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Oh my gosh, I didn't know Dave had released this! :squee: Must use, need, mwhahahaha!!! :D
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