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This image was setup in DAZ Studio 3 and rendered in LuxRender. This is made possible by the plugin for DAZ Studio 3 called Reality by Pret-A-3D.

Reality for DAZ Studio: [link]

Video Tutorials: [link]

Elite Racer by Dreamscape-Creations
The Backstreets by Stonemason
Reality plugin by Pret-A-3D

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Please can you guide the setup or send me a screen shot of this setup.
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I dont have the scene anymore. If I recall, it was a glossy material on the car with a single sunlight at sunset.
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I think that is the best model what have you made
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Thank you but I never made that model.
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I'm sorry I tought everything is in your gallery is yours :/
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I wish I could model everything I rendered but I am just begining with modeling. I plan on doing mechanical models instead of orgnics and cloth. Which is funny cause I prefer rendering people.
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Sweet ride! :)
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Too bad there is no Reality plugin for DAZ4 :(

But model and render are awesome. n.n
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Reality 2.1 will run on all versions of DS3 and DS4

Please see this page - [link] - Also the cheapest place to buy it.
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Oh touche. It costs more than my graphic card for which I'm collecting money from two years to now. :P
Excellent render.....just as others have mentioned just a tad to the left but that hardly detracts due to the quality of the reflections etc.

I miss my Exige :(
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Cool car of Lotus!! Now u gotta put of the 4 girls on there for posing, then it will look much better! :D
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i love reality but i'm very new :)
Can i ask why after i have my vicky4 file ready to use in reality, the rendering seems ok except for the skin? (vicky looks white). I use the plugin and it should be ok, i don't receive errors. I believe... and how much time is required to have good results?

Thanks :handshake:
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I highly recommend that you post your issue in the DAZ3D forum here: [link]

THat is the ongoing Reality thread. Post there with pics if you like and Paolo and others will be along shortly to help out. Best place to get tech support for the plugin.
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This is the picture that sold Reality to me.
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Really??? Cool! :D
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Fantastic. Love the scenery, the car -- and those rims are dynamite! :-)
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That is really amazing! :clap:
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great render!
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This is an amazing Render coming out of a DS set-up .... I've bout the Lux plug-in, not yet used in DS3 Adv ... may I ask what kinda system you're running, and how long was the render-time to get this result? Cheers, and once again, well done :thumbsup:
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I let this render go for 7 hours but I spent most of that time asleep. Looking be at what I grabbed at the 1 and two hour mark I know it would have been just as good at around 3-4 hours. I have another render of the same scene with the sun at a different angle and its only a 15min render and looks great (posted it at the DAZ Forums in the Reality thread)

As for the computer, its a 3.5 year old Intel Core2 Quad q6600 with 8GB ram and a Radeon x1950
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wow ... great result ... I've had a go with the reality/lux thingo ... my results are crap so far ... back to raytrace in DS for me for the now ... my PC is nearly the same config/vintage ... only with 4 Gig, which Vista likes to hog 1 gig for itself !! cheers ...
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Dont get discouraged. I know exactly how you feel. Take some time and slowly go over Paolo's manual he did for Reality (which is something I never had when I started with it) if you havent already. It should make things easier to understand cause there is a difference between how it works in DS and how it works in Lux.
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