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Intrepid Pathfinder

By mattymanx
The Intrepid Pathfind by Ricky Wallace -

Lightwave Conversion by :iconkaranua:

Lightwave version is here:
© 2012 - 2021 mattymanx
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Interesting design, and looks good!  I'm guessing it's a Carrier, like Axanar's USS Magellan.
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not really sure to be honest since its not my design or model.  I only did the conversion
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Twin deflectors, wow
Henglaar's avatar
My speculation is that this unusual ship is optimized for either electronic warfare, or deep space research.

Thanks again for your adaptations of such wonderful ships, Matty.
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You're welcome
DrakoDaFrightnin's avatar
Well this one is certainly my favorite in the recently flooding of UFP ships. Although while i want believe the dishes above and below the housing to be giant laser cannons, saddly i know star trek doesn't work like that....
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A little post work and imagination and they can be what ever you like!
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Very impressive - as ever!
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Thank you very much!
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Thanks for the Awesome new ship Matty and I appreciate the hard work you do to give us all or fine fleet of ships!
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You're Welcome Shadowhawk! :)
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