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By mattymanx
Model by Chris Martin (Evil_Genius_180)

Please credit to Chris when used.

Thank you.
© 2013 - 2021 mattymanx
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Wow this is cool.. can it be used in poser?..
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Yes it can.  It is a poser prop.
Cool... so how does one download this... ?
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Top of the page here, download button to your right.  Its a RAR file, 13MB

please enjoy
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I don't know what you've done to the old girl, but she looks very sleek. . . . .
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Thank you but its not my model.  I simply converted it for use in Poser and DazStudio
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Very cool. I always love to see stuff like this still being made, and THANK YOU so much for sharing!!! 
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you;re welcome
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Diggin' this a lot!
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I thought its cool too.  Im glad I was able to convert it and that the artist let me.
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wow, people are really getting into Re-Re-Re-imagining the old Connie... not that I mind... just thinking I should get in on this action :)
this is way cool. love it. I have been looking for an andor class missile cruiser, kirk era, that works on poser and Daz. any suggestions?
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Sorry I missed this comment, just saw it now.

I dont recall seeing an Andor class but you may try to make one from the Connie kit bash set.

YOu'll have to google that, I dont recall where its at.
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I love your work !
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This is awesome thanks for this!
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Beautiful work, mattymanx, going to use this in my next render.
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Now THAT'S how the Enterprise SHOULD HAVE LOOKED in TOS!!
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Fits perfectly with my TOS series, so I re-did the USS Enforcer with this model here [link] :iconbowplz:
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If it's any incarnation of the Enterprise, I want it in my collection. Just hoping I can get the scale of each one right. lol
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I actually like this, a reimagining that looks intelligent.
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Interesting :B
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Wow! Another one? Beautiful!
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might have to play with this one =)
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Once again thank you for another awesome conversion.
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