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Enterprise NX-01

By mattymanx
The Enterprise NX-01 by Kennzy-Z

For Poser & DAZ Studio

Please credit Kenny-Z when used.

Thank you!
© 2013 - 2021 mattymanx
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This is honestly my favorite version of the Enterprise

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Great work, and thanks to both of you!
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You're welcome
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Hey, she's still making rounds. Good to see my old girl again. Thanks for giving credit and great job on the conversion.
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YOu're welcome Kenny and thank you for making it!
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Thanks for keeping it around MattyManx!   I learned not to keep all my eggs in the same basket when I lost a 1 TB drive that had a 700 + Gig Runtime on it.  Most stuff was backed up in the original downloads.  Some little bit of that stuff got lost along the way though.  Like all the ships you converted!  Thanks for doing this one!
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You're welcome!
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Fantastic Thank you!
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You're Welcome.
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Great work, thanks for sharing!
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You're welcome!
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Tried logging in to my account here but it won't register the login. Even so I was able to get the model, and I must say it a well done one. Thanks for the conversion.
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You're Welcome! :)

Part of the reasone why I host some of the conversions here is that you dont need to have an account to get the downloads.
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Thanks so much for this! I have been waiting a long time for a good model of the NX-1 for DAZ! Thanks so much and have a great weekend. Joy!
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You're Welcome.
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Oh, yeah. Terrific model. Great job, Mattymanx. Well done. Thanks from me, too.

Your friend
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Awesome work, Matty and kudos to Kenny-Z for the original :)
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Thanks a million well worth it great model
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Thanks a million for this Matty I have been looking for a Poser friendly NX-01 and this is awesome! Thanks so much
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Dude This SOOOO cool! I have been waiting for this one!
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