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Enterprise-D by David Metlesits for Poser and DAZ Studio

3D Studio Max version:
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.obj files that POSER uses go into \Runtime\Geometries\(item name here)

DS no longer uses .obj's for geometry data.  It uses the folder named DATA.

I was sure to bookmark YOUR page!  Thanks again for all the stuff you do for our community!
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You're welcome!
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Where?  I have some 34 runtimes, each devoted to a thing.  Some things need three or even more runtimes, like V4's clothes.  Each of my Runtimes I limit to 23 gigs so it will fit onto one writable BD-R disk.    That way when my HD's die, I don't spend months reinstalling all my content!   OH the FOLDER in the runtime!  I get it.
D:\3D Work Transport\Runtime\Libraries\Props\Star Trek\(the item)

And thank you so much Matt!   Me=1 Happy Camper now.  :)
Ah a .obj file without textures i can importing.. is this so right? I didn't understand the right way to use it.
Oh i copied the runtime folder in my Poser Pro 2014 folder, but i can't find nothing in the library when Poser Pro 2014 runs.
I've no idea! It is a figure or a prop or or...?
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It is a prop.

Where is your Runtime folder that Poser normally users?
How i can intgreate this nice starship in my Poser Pro 2014?? Your file is an rar format, but poser use a zip File in the contend tool.
So i made it be handcopy the files, but poser can't find the files! Whats my problem?
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YOu need to use winrar to decompress the file to your Runtime.  The file is already packed in such a way that all you need to do is point it to the folder that your Runtime is in.  Do no point it to your runtime folder itself but the folder it is in.
Thanks so much. I just got it.
I am curious if you know of any Battlestar Galactica models that are available?
Your generosity is golden.
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And you're welcome btw! :)
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I am not sure if anyone has converted any to Poser and DS or not. You can check Sharecg but other then that I just dont know. Other then Star Trek, the only other two sci-fi series I have done conversions for is Star Wars and Babylon 5.
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Firefly & Serenity!  
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used here: [link] , thank you so much! :)
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Would love to see the Gunstar (Last Starfighter) or even Metal Gear rex conversion! Your conversions
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My favortism tends to lie with Star Trek. However, I do know of two Gunstar models that excist but I have not converted them. Both are in Lightwave format which means you can use Poseray to convert them and it is free.



See my tutorial on 3D Model Conversions here - [link] - if you need to
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Thanks for the Enterprise and these links :)
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You're welcome
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cool, thanks.... still learning. Had a successful conversion using posray. thanks!
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OMFG that thing has textures :squee: the other one did not :worship: I second the hero thing.
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Matty, YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!!
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What's the update?
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