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Daedalus Class Retrofit

By mattymanx
The Daedalus Class Retrofit by James Trexler


Please give credits to James when used.
© 2012 - 2021 mattymanx
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Thanks so much.
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looks like the sphere has a mouth
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Pac-Man in space
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nah, the mouth isnt very pac-manish
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wow reading the comments below amaze me you created something awesome and someone is required to do a few clicks to get the textures in place and it is too much for them. None-the-less I want to thank you this i fantastic design, always loved the Daedalus class ships in the Pre Tos universe. I was relieved to see a refit used in the lass NG Series episode, but always wish there had been one in the Tos series or the NG series this model would look good in both. Thank you for sharing it!
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Thank you very much.  I cannot take creadit for building any of the Star Trek, Star Wars or B5 models that I have listed anywhere.  Each was built by another and I simply converted them for use in Poser and DAZ Studio.  All these were done before I started making my own models.  Again though, thank you and you're welcome.
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how do i put on the skins/painting in daz, i only get the blank model
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If the model is installed correctly, go to the pose folder and under Vehicles > Star Trek you should find mat poses to apply the textures.

But the model should load with the textures already applied. How did you install the model? By hand or using a zip program to target the folder the Runtime is in?
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hahaha there is NO installer, its just a zip, all you can do is to extract the files and then put the files manually to the right folders in daz, thank you, really helpful
(extreme sarcasm)
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If you have Winrar, right click the file and choose "Extract to..." and target the folder that contains the Runtime folder. Then it should be correctly installed. If you manually place files you run the risk of putting something where its not suppose to go.

You should be able to extract the files as described regardless of zip program you use.
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thank you very much, thanks, bye
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You're Welcome!
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Great job! And with three versions.
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Wow!!! That Is Sweeeet!!! Well Done!

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Pretty Cool model!
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Wow! Great looking ship!
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That ship looks very good.
I admire how that ship looks specially because to texture a sphere is nightmarish, hehehe.
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Texturing this one wasn't too bad, actually. The programme I constructed it in has the option of mapping textures spherically. Then I just went in and positioned it for each of the panels individually.
Okay, well, in retrospect, I guess that was a lot of work after all...haha
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 I can understand that indeed. I kinda learned how to apply a texture to speres, but it can stiull be tricky, hehehe.

 Keep it up!

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Indeed it can.  But everything gets better with practice.  The real trick is making one's own textures, which I'm trying to do on my Avenger/Endeavour class.

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What Enterprise should have used!
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this is a cool looking ship. you are the great guy
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Thanks Matty, awesome looking ship you converted for the DS and Poser users!
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