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BORG CUBE by David Metlesits for Poser and DAZ Studio

The Borg Cube is scaled to 3km squared. In DAZ Studio this means that it is 30 Metres squared.

3D Studio Max versiosn:
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I saw and visited a Borg-looking building in Canada.

It was a museum, but they put all the internals on the outside to have more room for displays inside. Looks like a Borg ship.
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Very cool, Matt!! Well done, but I thought you had done this one before. Didn't you have a Borg Cube conversion on Foundation3d just like it? I'm still going to download it, though. I love your models. Your's are always near the top of my get list.

Your friend
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And Thank you! :)
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You're welcome.
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The one on F3D is his earlier version. The modeling on that one is not very detailed. The older one is 1.84MB while this one is 41.5MB. I am going to leave the old one where it is since not everyone will want a higher res cube.
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Ah, now I understand. No, you're right, not everyone is going to want to have the higher res cube. It's a good idea to leave the old one up on F3D.
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Cool. Nice and bumpy. :D
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I like this one the most so far out of all the Cubes I havae done. Its a very good balance of detail versus # of MB
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Thanks for this amazing conversion!
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You're Welcome!
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Whoa nelly...Thank You!!!!
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Your Welcome! :)
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