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Avenger Class

By mattymanx
The Avenger Class by James Trexler - :iconjamietakahashi:

Please give credit to James when used.
© 2012 - 2021 mattymanx
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Something about this reminds me of the SR-71 Blackbird XD
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That looks tight!
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Looks sleek does it have quantum slipstream drive like the Vesta Class?
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If you look at James' responses farther up you will see his idea.
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Hi, I have done a pic using your model, you and the creator of the background have been credited, it is at…

Thanks for the oppotunity to use this model.

Oh I will and you too. I hope you don't mind me using it in Celestia......Full credit will be given
JamieTakahashi's avatar's in Celestia now?  NO WAY.  That's bloody awesome, I love that programme!
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Filling up my Star Trek Universe!
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very cool and different :) Thanks to you and James.
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You're quite welcome
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It looks like a merge between a blackbird sr71 and the prometheus, it doesn't look very startrek-ish but that's cool, it gave me this idea to make some radical characters ! [link]
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That is one badass ship!!! Excellent Mesh
it look like star wars - star trek fusion lol
i like it
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I am thinking SR71 Blackbird when I look at the Nacelles and fins . Certainly different
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Ooooh classy, although actually having angles makes it feel a little less like a federation ship
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Consider the Prometheus Class. It's a stylistic evolution from that design ethic.
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That would definitely be the kind of ship I used if I was in Star Trek :D
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Very very cool, but I have to wonder what the fins on the nacelles are for as there is no air to cut through in space to require them, and if this is a full size starship not some small shuttlecraft it wont be zipping about the atmosphere of a planet?!
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The fins are part of the Transpace Warp Drive which requires a 2-D emission grid to produce a field which manipulates a four-dimensional warp "bubble" (the fourth dimension being one analogous to hypervolume since transpace is a hypervolume extension of subspace)
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Same reason he decided to to give big, fancy ships a poorly concealed brewery for engineering, he's a loony.
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Thanks once again Matty it looks a lot different than standard Starfleet designs I like it
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