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Ambassador Class

By mattymanx
The Ambassador Class Starship for Poser and DAZ Studio.

Modeled and textured by David Metlesits - :iconmetlesitsfleetyards:

Original in .max format can be downloaded here:

© 2012 - 2021 mattymanx
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Is it possible to get the .mtl file for this?
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Try loading it in DS or POser and then exporting it as an OBJ.
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Another one of my favorites, and the one I thought should have been used for the NG Series. Thanks for the conversion!
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Oh my Spock... Beautiful....
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You did a wonderful job converting her, she looks very impressive. . . . .
Can't wait to see some more of your work, Thank you very much. . . [link]
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Your welcome!

Have you seen the master list of my conversions here??? - [link]
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Just downloaded it, can't wait see how nice she looks. . . . Thanks
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Very cool, mattymanx. Thanks for converting her. I've added her to my collection.
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...And how does this relate to Aiko, Hiro, et al ?
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slight oversight.
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Ooh, pretty!

Thank you for converting her!
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Another welcome conversion! Thanks, man! You gonna do his Larson?
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Thank you for another classic :)
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Awesome, but some Star Wars spacecraft?
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Nice work, did you make this? I've been looking for more Starfleet ships
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No, its made by David Metlesits. Click on his icon for his DA page above with all his trek models. If you want more Poser compatible trek ships please see my entire conversion list here - [link]
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Well I went to his page but all this trek models are nothing but textures. Without a base model I can't do anything with them. Now this link you gave me. Will these ships have the models or will they be just textures like Metlesits page?
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All of David's ships are in .max format which is 3D Studio Max only.

The link I gave you is the listing of the models I have done. All are complete but hosted at different sites.
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Ok well then it's just a matter of waitting for my account at that site to clear so I can download them. Thanks
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Hi, the original builder here :D

All my models are in 3DS Max v9 format. Max 9 and any newer version can open them.
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