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I'm pretty terrible at finding inspiration for things that I want to try and draw/paint. And I need to learn to draw/paint things that aren't just cheetahs being cute.


I would like your help finding such things!

That means, for now, I have a few request-like slots available. And you could nab one!

There's no real guide on what I want, but there are a few guidelines on what to ask for:
  • Anime and pony are not going to be considered
  • Textual references are not going to be considered
  • OCs are unlikely to be considered
  • High-quality photographs as references recommended
  • Photographs of animals being cute/in silly positions/doing silly things are the most likely to be considered
  • There's no time-limit at the moment
And there are a few catches:
  • Please don't spam me
  • I won't be doing everything sent my way
  • I won't be giving updates on what I'm working on/if I've chosen you
  • I will likely be slow (since I have a job and all that)
  • Quote "Bananas"
I don't know what I'm going to do with any originals that I produce, but I'll probably be keeping them for now.
(In the future I may consider sending them out if you pay for postage, but that's not something I've thought about yet.)

Note or reply here, please!
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Okay, the first thing came out of my head: Seals!…
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do a drawing of this robot  anrY2GxN5Bn1Bv1MnOyHJnEr3BxNelrTGF YLh2FySo by scorpion1m  
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also, bananas o3o
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30415393 10216462282098151 158197496781209600 N by Daaedric

What about Mittens :D I love this photo of her
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How can something that's part devil look so cute?
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I knowww ;o; I think it's part of the trick
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Clearly its just a lure.
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