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Its been a while since I uploaded something.
Kind of ended up getting out of my routine with doing arts, because reasons and laziness.

All in all, not sure when I'll get back into doing art. But I am currently in the process of trying to buy a flat, so probably won't get too much done until all that hassle is sorted.
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:O LIKE PROPERLY BUYING TO OWN? thats cray but awesome o3o

bad news for us is that if we can't find a place to live in the next few months I'll probs be moving to Prudhoe ;_____; it's way cheaper there
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Yeah, properly buying, will be nice to have a place that's my own own.

Aww, don't want you to move there! Although I guess movie nights would have to become sleepovers.
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damnnn nice!!

they would x_x but I hope we can stay in Hexham 
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I hope you can stay in Hexham too!