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Vector Twilight

By mattyhex
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This brings the total to 4 of the main 6! I'm kinda putting off the other two...

Anyway! Twilight, yes, this is Twilight... Making the drawing wasn't too bad actually, her tail/mane/hair is fairly easy to vector, he cutie mark had me for a moment, but actually it wasn't that bad either.

Possibly one of the shortest drawings I've done, I'd guess about 3-4 hours total. And I had the lovely :iconspeedeh: putting up with me sending screenshots of almost every stage, as well as talking to on occasion.

Copyright to Twilight belongs to someone other then me.

Also, if you want to, then your free to submit this to a relevant group thing (I'm too lazy).
© 2011 - 2021 mattyhex
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Oh cool, a REAL vector image! Did you start with the coloring book PDF as a base?
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Nope, I used the image from the mlp wiki: [link]
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I like your screenshots <3