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Not What it Seems

By mattyhex
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I decided to make some Gravity Falls art!

That was just such an epic episode, I couldn't resist! :D

I would like to try and do some more additions to this, but for now it's fairly well done.
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THANK YOU FOR REMINDING ME, I managed to miss it even though I was recording it (no idea how), what was the episode, season, and name of it again? (If you don't mind please.)
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Season 2, episode 11, 'Not What He Seems'.
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Thanks, found it, and you're right it was an epic episode. And the usual, so many questions answered but more questions left to ask. I've watched some of those "conspiracy" YouTube channels, most of them actually got it right about that thing at the end. (I AM NOT SAYING ANYTHING AS IN SPOILERS)