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Celestia Medium Redux Version 1.55

The reason I've not done any work on this for the past however many months, is mostly because FontForge's UI only displays properly on a now defunct Ubunut virtual install, also partly to blame is that I'm pretty busy nowadays.

But I came back from work today and decided to spend a couple of hours working on this, the final version I'll be releasing. If anyone wants to take over, that's fine. Also a note to anyone who creates other formats, do let me know! I'd love to host them.

Now in two versions! One with the normal 'I' (with the dot above it) and one with a more traditional 'I' (no dot).

I've also attempted to create a PostScript version, I have no idea how successful they are, but that might be useful to some folks.

The link, as per usual
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The link is broken again. Or rather, your site seems to be down.