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pony ville outskirts

By matty4z
I was allowed to upload a lil scene
I did for a secret groupe Im helping
out with , this is 1/4 the original nor
in its finished version =^_^=
was far to big to upload i tried :iconfliptableplz:

>if you use the scene plz credit me and send<
>me a link i like to see how others use them.< =^_^=

like in the end of this funny video…

done in inkscape 20/2/13
time taken...? lost track 13hr+ (broken up)
layers....? forgot
(was a pc crasher to make it :iconrageguyplz:

critics and opinions welcome
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© 2013 - 2021 matty4z
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Thank you very much for offering this background, matty4z :)
I used part of it for two oc characters of a my little pony pen and paper RPG. Here it is.
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I used your source here!!
Thank you so much!!! :D:D:D:D
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Daaw they look so warm n cozy there :icondragonwant: 
matty4z's avatar
thanks for the link nice channel ^_^
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Can I use this background of Ponyville for my Sprites. Don't worry, I'll credit you and I'll linked it to you once it's done.
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Really? Thanks! Now hold on, just let me think on what I can come up with.
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that was brilliant!!
so glade you sent
me a link lol - so good  XD
ToxicAlien2014's avatar
I'm so glad you liked it! ^-^ I love your art so much! I may use them again in future animations and I won't forget to credit you :)
matty4z's avatar
really? heck yeah I love your animations :icondragonwant: 
and have had you on watch for sometime now 
ToxicAlien2014's avatar
Thank you so much! :iconfluttershyyayplz:
matty4z's avatar
love it and its always nice to meet another SL player  ^_^
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