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Comic - Everypony Hates Flash 4 (Commission)

Art by :iconcsimadmax:

:EDIT!: Got rid of a line and replaced it with a better one in panel 5!

Oh Flash... Just run. At least he got over losing his waifu and trying to pick up some mares!... Well he thinks he is.
Anyway, part 4!
Also how would you guys feel about a mini story arc?
P.S The "thing's" name is Ray by the way. Imagine his voice like a angry loud black guy. (Because that's what the real life Ray is like.)


*EDIT* I see A LOT of people like Ray! Well for those who want to know more, here is some more of Ray!……

Part 4: I have no idea were it is.
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that's why i let grow my bearb

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Absolutely :D

EDIT: Or, well, Ray has all the features of a standard stallion (blocky muzzle, no eyelashes, thicker drum), but Flash totally ignored everything and went straight for the stallion who looked a bit more feminine with his manestyle and overall color scheme.

So in the precise sense, Ray's not a trap per se.
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I feel bad for that guy. I know somepony who's gone through that himself.

Denifshutup by SalvatoreMasterDenif : Please... don't. It still annoys me to this day, D-Mod. Just because of my manestyle looking all "feminine" doesn't make me a mare!

[Others don't see it that way apparently. XD]

Denifsrsly by SalvatoreMasterDenif : ... Hilarious. I originally styled my mane like this because it kept getting in my face in battle, which kept posing a serious problem. Also, I had read manuscripts about ancient warriors from Feudal Japan. It mentioned warriors called "samurai" who would tie their hair up into ponytails such as the one my mane is currently styled in. But the Feudal Ages came to an end I think due to modernization and all. So in memory of those ages and to carry on whatever legacy they had back then, I decided to sport this manestyle from that day forth.

[Still makes you look like a girl, Denif. XD]

Deniftryingtoannoyme by SalvatoreMasterDenif : Rrrrrr...
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I imagine Mr T XD
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that colt really looked like a mare to me.
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Looked like Luna to me
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geeettttttt dumped on!!
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Hhahaha, Braeburn, you silly sausage xD
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and that's why i'm wearing a beard!
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Wait, wait... BRAEBURN IS GAY?!?!?!?!
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What is this news to you? 
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Well, yeah. I thought everypony was straight.
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Meh… well… every pony that wasn't in a relationship I always though wasn't gender referenced, except Braeburn, first time I watched him I though. "Wow, this guy is enjoyably gay."
she, i mean he is so cute when hes angry ^^
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what did the real Ray think of this?
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