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NHC Chapter 255

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© 2020 mattwilson83

on patreon, I post the full chapter upon completion. So if you are a patreon donator to me, please, no spoilers in the comments. I appreciate it :D  </b>

Naruto and its characters © Masashi Kishimoto
NHC story  © me :D

Read Right to left <--------------------
Comments and critique about this is very welcome and much appreciated.

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volume 32 Cover by mattwilson83

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Chapter 255 cover


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Aww! Adorableness! ^^

Always such the cutest covers when it comes to love! <3

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This cover makes me happy. ^^

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nice cover

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DJHermoHobbyist Artist

Oh man, things are getting stronger

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Tobi: So a little birdy told me that Seireiko is gonna go after the Uzumaki kid and Karin.
Me: The intel good?
Tobi: Guy who said it is reliable.
Me: Alright. This is what we are gonna do. You continue tailing Kakashi and Anko. I'll swing back to the village and tell Kaguya what's up.
Tobi: And what if Kakashi and Anko get into trouble?
Me: Assist and neutralize the enemy quickly. Then radio me. We will assess the situation from there.
Tobi: Understood.
Me: Copy that.

(Both go their seperate ways)
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I love your cover.

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Epic-JPHobbyist Digital Artist

Sorry, shouldn't be "Husband and wife"?

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"Husband and Wife", "Man and Wife", it doesn't really matter which one you use. Everybody knows what you're talking about.

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mattwilson83Hobbyist General Artist

hmm... thats a good point... I might change it tomorrow then ^^ thanks you :)

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Are you sure that's necessary?

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Epic-JPHobbyist Digital Artist

Sorry but you should understand that one thing is "man and woman", another is "husband and wife". In the second case there is a bond between the two and anyway, if you have a couple of terms... there is no reason to separe them.

If MattWilson-Sama will change the title because he noticed that maybe my suggestion is not so bad (because mine was JUST a suggestion) what will change for you?

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TheIllusiveMan90Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Nice work. :clap:

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