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NHC: CH255: PG5044

By mattwilson83
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Naruto and its characters © Masashi Kishimoto
NHC story  © me :D

Read Right to left <--------------------
Comments and critique about this is very welcome and much appreciated.

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volume 32 Cover by mattwilson83

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Chapter 255 cover
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© 2020 mattwilson83
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You're doing Okay there MattWilson83? any progress with the Flare NSFW Comic?

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Oh! He's gonna tell him about that now?! Ooo! *u*

Can't wait to see how he reacts to it! >w<

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It feels like Naruto walked in on his parents having sex.

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I agree with Jiraiya

NHC-minisodes 95 - Jiraiya I
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Good Times. We really need more minisodes.

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Kink? Tsunade had a kink for letting perverts grope her? Or a kink to wack perverts? That would make more sense given how long she was Jiraiya's teammate. ;)

Looks like Naruto is nervous to tell Jiraiya what he wants. I agree with another poster that it has to be about his book, for Naruto wants Jiraiya to read it. Yet I would not be surprise if Jiraiya teases him about certain *scenes*, say make it more passionate, etc. :D

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Now, what will be Jiraiya's verdict on Naruto's novel?

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Somethings don't change after all

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Now come the moment of truth, will Jiraiya like the book his godson wrote or will he not like it

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i can't wait to see what jiraiya think about naruto's book.

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I wonder how proud Jiraiya will be of him, and whether Tsunade will give Naruto a whack in the head.

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He finished his book

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