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VoA: Cult of Kasala
Valley of Angels: The Cult of Kasala
   Time hasn't always been kind to the world. It is at best a love hate relationship and at worst fighting against each other. With her, the earth, crafting canyons and mountains to persist all ages and with him, time, taking things before given a chance to bath in light. However when they work together, the most beautiful of things come forth with one of the greatest being magic. In this world they are named in a language long long lost, the first language, but for these two their names and meanings are not forgotten, times gift to the earth. Times name is Ziexjo, and Earths name is Kasala.
   Another of the greatest works Ziexjo and Kasala crafted was those whom in history are now called the Aweren, the name of what we could call people in what is understood as the second language. Magic flowed through them as if it was hair in the breeze. Every Clan in the world originates from these wonderful people, Human Tenjin, Iwama, Kawa
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Journal Entry: Mon Jan 7, 2019, 5:04 AM

Hey guys, and gals, I was just going through the sketch request list here  Sketch Request LIST (renamed)UPDATED RULES
I have renamed the sunday stream journal to SKETCH REQUESTS
THIS IS FOR YOUTUBE SKETCH REQUESTS, Please read the rules below before making your request in the comments.
My Youtube channel
- This is a sketch video, so keep that in mind.
- No comics
- Max 3 characters, preferably 2. More than that will result in less detail or chibis.
  - Romantic Couples
  - Yuri/GL/lesbian
  - Yaoi/BL/
  - Action
  - Original characters
  - tasteful Ecchi/lewd - i.e. partial nudity, pin-ups, nothing too graphic.
  - monsters
  - Blood, corpses,etc, but nothing too extreme 
- IF NOT LISTED HERE please ask in note form or during request so i can add to this list.
  - NO comics (but I can add dialog to an image)
  - incredibly detailed work
, and so many of you don't seem to be acknowledging the rules, most do, so please follow the examples of them, I require references sure, with Naruto Characters i draw a lot, you can get away with it, but for the majority of the time, i require reference images. THis is just to save me time otherwise it delays me working on other projects, and so makes it easier on me not having to spend 10-20 minute before I draw trying to find reference and hoping that its the right kind. Sometimes the reference you send me is not the best, but i can at least do a quick reference search for additional refs.

Also, don't have to ASK if you can have a request on a list meant for requests. as long as you don't already have one on the list then it is fine.

Just please read the rules, and please be patient, I am still working on the requests from november since I only do 5 a week if nothing goes wrong, and having to spend time asking people to send refs means i am not working on soething else. I had to delay this weeks images a day because the first one had no references, and I had other things to do.

So please, read the rules, and remember the references. 

thanks :)


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For my other galleries, please ask me.
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