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I'm working on a new web series called Trekked Out. It takes place within and humorously expands upon existing Star Trek material in the vein of Robot Chicken, and it will be animated.

When we reach 25 Facebook Fans, I will unlock a new image.
This one was released last week.

Facebook Link
Mirror Tumblr Link
It has cool things and is updated 3000% more often than my webcomic.
Check out new clues for my secret projects!…
Anyone Interested?
Taking requests for stuff or characters to draw live!

Visual Aide Livestream
Saturday Nov 20 6pm CST

Fast forward to 28 minutes in to PART 1 to get past the microphone problems and the rough sketch.

Coloring Sunday afternoon!
Have your questions ready for this Saturday, November 13 at 6PM CST
I'll be doodling, singing? and helping you out with your Photoshop questions.

Ask me random Photoshop questions as I figure out how to use this video service and maybe we'll do it again at a scheduled time!…
CafePress and CBS have partnered together to allow Star Trek themed merchandise!

So that means

will soon be available as HIGH QUALITY PRINTS in multiple sizes and possibly TSHIRTS! Of course they need to pass my rigorous quality standards first, before I make them available.

Swing on over HERE to see what Secret Project 2.1 is all about!
I'm thinking of doing a live feed of my next webcomic issue and wondering how many people are interested.
It would be on a weekend, but probably not for a few weeks.  I'll announce it here.  There might be bad singing.
I haz them.
I work at Taylor Studios Inc, an exhibit design and fabrication firm.
Basically we design and build museum and state park exhibits and full scale animal models and dinosaurs.  We also do residential theming, so if you want a fully functioning BatCave with flatscreens, rockforms, T-rex and a giant Penny, we're the people to call.

My position is graphic designer, so I work closely with the exhibit designers and interpreters (architects and writers) to develop a look for the exhibit and how content should be displayed.  I will also typically design the many graphic panels hanging throughout the gallery. (think of giant wooden posters that could describe time periods, or animal species, old photos etc.)  I also get to paint digital murals, develop storyboards for interactive kiosks (like simplified video games of varying complexity) and sometimes an entire exhibit all by myself!

My work can be seen in museums all across the country and grows every few months.  I did graphics for Pictograph State Park Visitors Center in Billings, Montana; the Lewis and Clark State Park, also in Montana; Grayslake Museum in Grayslake, Illinois; the Beckman Institute Rotunda in Champaign, IL; a house cutaway illustration for Grand Bay in Moss Point, MS; the Frying Pan Farm Park for Fairfax County, Virginia; about half the graphics for the Puget Sound Naval Museum; some touch up Photoshop work for an exhibit we built at the Pentagon; currently working on graphics for Turkey Run State Park in Indiana; and completing graphics for a nice exhibit in Cleveland, Ohio.

There are a lot of really cool pictures on the portfolio page HERE.  Personally, I get a big kick out of the Prehistoric Animal Model and Life Cast sections.  They look really creepily realistic.  One guy is getting his leg amputated.

We also have a Facebook Page if you're in to that sort of thing.
This month's new T-shirt design is the TWINPOP!
as seen in ISSUE 46 of Hyperboycomics!

Check out the Store!
I am resuming my big secret project.
Yes THAT big secret project, the one I've told no one about.

I will be posting some teasers soon.
If you haven't checked it out yet, the first webisode of my new animated series is online NOW.
Enjoy! and keep in mind this is a teaser,
so viral marketing techniques may be used.
Starring Little Matt!
The grayscale webdrama continues!
It's a bit different, check it out!