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Constitution Luxury Class


The Constitution Luxury Class by Enterprise Industries

The first in a multi-part poster series re-envisioning a television series in the style of 1960s advertising.

Homage to mid 1960s Chrysler magazine ad.

Please note that the ship's hull is an original design that is inspired by mid 1960s muscle cars.

Others in this series:
Ski Rura Penthe
Travel Planet Genesis

See my site for closeups HERE
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This looks pretty cool! :iconawesomeplz:
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Makes me think of all those grease-monkey cheesecake calendars from like the 30's and 40's with the pin-up girls.  `Petty girls` I think were several of them.  I say grease-monkey because that's where I remember seeing them first, as there was this full-service station/garage in town across from the hardware store.  It would have been either like '68 or '69, so I was 4 and 5 at the time.  I think the Ben Franklin Five & Dime also in town had a couple posted in the back half of the store.
southside-le's avatar
This is absolutely gorgeous! Clap  Please, could you make a 4-side drawing with view of the shuttle bay, impulse engines and an actual Star Trek bridge (instead of that car cockpit) aswell?!?
I would love to have that made as an actual model then sitting on my desk, with real car finish, illuminated glas and polished bronze metal parts etc.,  or at least make it in 3D to look like that!Love 
That would look so rad and elegant!Heart  Definately a +fav !
mattwileyart's avatar
I have a friend already working on a 3D version using reference images I've supplied of 60s cars.
southside-le's avatar
Awesome, I hope you´ll show it to us!Heart 
WideFoot's avatar
I love that you've put wheel wells on the nacelles
mattwileyart's avatar
That's the first thing I did. I knew this thing could be awesome if that worked so well. #unintentionalpun
AceNos's avatar
Matt Jefferies would be proud
cradyLab's avatar
mattwileyart's avatar
MJBivouac's avatar
Dude, I think this is just beautiful!
Sixshot2005's avatar
Just fantastic... I love the series of ads but this is my favorite!
kuro-sky's avatar
Best looking Enterprise ever.
Prue84's avatar
Casperium's avatar
Nice!!!!!!!! I love the Retro look.
laughingvulcan's avatar
Saw this on HobbyTalk.

VERY cool take on the Gray Lady, Matt!

(You've got the Star Trek Fans on Hobbytalk trying to figure out HOW to build this in model form! :) )

Fave. (But thats a given here.)

Wallpaper, please?! :D
mattwileyart's avatar
I'd start with some 1963 Thunderbird parts for the engines and then crapload of bondo! Can you send me a link to the forum thread?
laughingvulcan's avatar
Yep. [link] :)

You can practically hear them cracking their knuckles and salavating...

"What kits will I need and HOW do we WORK this?!"

You've created a monster! :)

Wait'll one of them sees your BRIDGE! :D
mattwileyart's avatar
I see you guys are already on top of things. Just keep everything mid-century modern if possible and you can't go wrong.
laughingvulcan's avatar
I'm PROBABLY the ONE modeler there that's just watching & reading because he has nothing to show. :(
It's VERY rare when I can focus enough to finish a model kit... :(

(I've got WAAAYYY too many interests. My muse is...overloaded...! :) :( )

But I'll be interested to see what magic they can come UP with!...And I'm SURE at least ONE with try the Bridge! :)
(I actually prefer YOUR bridge over the original! It looks...cleaner...somehow. :) )
mattwileyart's avatar
Well it's all made out of stainless steel and plastic instead of cardboard and Christmas lights!
laughingvulcan's avatar
TRUE...and it ALSO DOESN'T look like it was sponsored by the Apple Store...!
(I'm lookin' at YOU, J.J. Abrams!!! :( )

That's BIG win for everyone on board! :) :P

(I'm sure your Engineering [if/when you get to it] wouldn't look like a Budweiser plant, either! :) :rofl: )
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