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Welcome to Rakuenko - Page 6

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Location  Rakuenko
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Needless to say, I've watched too much anime and played too much Yakuza, because I love the name title thing. :P

It's Rilo! One of my favorite boys. He's certainly grown up and matured over the years, but he's the embodiment of my IRL uncle in fox form; large, dangerous, but will absolutely crack jokes and lovingly get on your nerves. I miss him. :( Hopefully this year we can throw down with UNO at Thanksgiving.


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Personally almost every humanoid character I make is based on someone IRL. I'm even my own self-insert!

But man, he's beautiful.

At Uno, remember, two +4s, and as many +2s as you want. That's the secret to making your family hate you. But, they'll want to play again so they can beat you!

With Monopoly, they'll just hate you.