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Welcome to Rakuenko - Page 5

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So she's NOT a complete screwup :P

Also, fun fact, panel 4's thumbnail produced this beautiful shitpost. I had no choice but to make it one of my most-used Telegram stickers XD Thumbnails are just that... thumbnails, so when I'm planning out panels and writing the script, I don't put ANY detail into them. But y'know, sometimes something beautiful can happen...


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Potential unravel-the-fabric-of-space-and-time consequences?

MattsyKun's avatar

Not yet, at least :3

F0xridley's avatar

Though, changing the eye style like that at a distance. Have you been watching Hilda?

MattsyKun's avatar

Nope! I was just...really lazy when I sketched the panel out and thought it looked really cute XD

SaviorFoxOwlis's avatar

Fox butt, woohoo.

Anyway, since there's a raven, I can't help but think about tengus.

MattsyKun's avatar

Butt quota has been met!

SaviorFoxOwlis's avatar

Good, good. Quotas must be met, otherwise we get fired.

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