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Welcome to Rakuenko - Page 10

Character  KimikoCharacter  ShayaCharacter  RiloLocation  Rakuenko

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(Still on break, finishing commissions and sketching ahead~ <3)


That's a flag.

I'm going to be taking a week break to get caught up! Things have been a tad stressful, so I used up my buffer, lmao. There's only a few more pages left until the next chapter, where I'll be taking a 2-week break to get everything handled with that. :3

See you in March! <3

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Damn Shaya's pretty. I'd put my hand in her coat, I would pet her for days. I would be like "wow, this is one fluffy beee-yitch." Then I'd scratch her butt - dog's like that.

"How hard can this be?"

Good point. If you just grab a cat and tickle their tummy without approval, they'll run off. Proven fact.

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Or, if you try to tickle a cat's tummy, they'll claw your hand off.

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Oh, you're right! And I had the experience before XD I used to have some street cats as friends (I gave them food and love they didn't have) and they letted me pet them! But, to tickle a cat's tummy, you must be real careful, though it also changes depending on the cat's personality. One of the cat which visited my house was really friendly, and loved getting tickled on her tummy, she even slept when doing that! But another one, just by touching her tummy, she tried to bite, so... Yeah, it can be dangerous XD

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''i can't be that hard'' the last famous words