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   Flower icon.16 by RedqueenAllison  I'm late, I'm late.....but here is March!  Flower icon.16 by RedqueenAllison

Flower icon.39 by RedqueenAllison Magical525 and Mattsma have come up with a way for you to use that neglected floss you have laying around.  For some of you, it probably bothers you just a tiny bit that you have these flosses that never get used or there is just a tiny bit left of some specialty floss that you may never use again from a kit. Here is the best way to ensure you use every  one of them at least once, or finish them off entirely!  Gifted floss, those bobbins that sit quietly in your floss boxes, bags, or drawer never getting used or are forgotten…oh yes, we have something fun for you!  

Flower icon.19 by RedqueenAllison Magical525 will provide a pattern which may or may not have a key and using the key is strictly up to you, you just grab random colors, or get color coordinated, and stitch up the pattern using those old neglected flosses.  Random number generator works for those times when you cannot decide.  Or close your eyes and reach into your stash and use whatever comes out. Dig out those little pieces and parts of fabrics you have laying around that you don’t know what to do with!  These will make PERFECT on the go travel projects.  Some patterns will be 20 x 20 stitches all the way to 50 x 50 stitches. The possibilities are endless! 

Flower icon.30 by RedqueenAllison  The flosses do not have to be DMC, they can be ANY NEGLECTED FLOSS you have laying around. Have two strands of some Weeks Dye Works left over?  Use that up until it’s gone! Then start a new floss where you left off. Test out those metallics or silks or satin floss that you are nervous about using!

Neglected Floss March 2017 by Magical525


Flower icon.7 by RedqueenAllison  Submit your finished piece to the Contest Folder, even though this isn’t a contest, just a little SAL   Flower icon.7 by RedqueenAllison 

Flower icon.18 by RedqueenAllison Pretty flowers were created by RedqueenAllison

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January 31, 2017
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