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snowflake bullet What is Neglected Floss Stitch Along?  It is a wonderful way for everyone to utilize that floss that has been hanging around your stash.  For some, it probably bothers you just a tiny bit that you have these flosses that never get used or there is just a tiny bit left of some specialty floss that you may never use again from a kit. Here is the best way to ensure you use every one of your stashed flosses at least once, or finish them off entirely!  Gifted floss, those bobbins that sit quietly in your floss boxes, bags, or drawer never getting used or are forgotten, this stitch along is a lovely way to get that floss used. 

LOL skiing :D NFSAL is heading into it's 3rd year and for the 3rd year running Magical525  has changed things up! LOL skiing :D

Bullet; YellowThe first year it was an anything goes thing when it came to colour.
Bullet; Green The second year Magical525  gave an optional key so that if you had an idea of where to go with the colours if you liked them.
Bullet; Blue This year Magical525 is going to do something very different for the NFSAL: not only is she going to give 12 biscornu/pincushion patterns BUT she is also giving an optional whole year frame in case you'd like to do a larger thing.

The entire design is in 3 colours - Magical525  did this to be able to show how she thinks the colours could go and so she could tell you in advance what you will need should you decide to do the pattern including the frame as this is the moment when you need to know how much to dig out from your stash!

The stats:

Stitch size:

  • Single monthly pattern: 47 stitches square
  • Whole year frame: 153 x 202 stitches


3 colours or 3 colours per month.
  • If you do each month without the frame you will need around 1 skein each of the 3 colours. 
    • If you use more colours you will need less per colour - you should have enough with 0.1 skein of floss per colour per month.
  • For the frame you will need 0.6 skein each for the 2 main colours and 0.1 skein for the secondary colour.
    • If you are only using 3 colours for the entire thing with the frame then you will have enough thread if you have 2 skeins of each colour.
    • If you are using different colours per month then see the bit without the frame.


Any colour fabric works!
The sizes are given for 14ct Aida/28ct evenweave - if you want to use a different count fabric an online fabric calculator will help :) (Smile)

  • If you do each month as a pincushion/biscornu you will need a square of fabric of about 5" square (the patterns are 3.5" each).
  • If you want to do it with the frame then you need fabric at is 17 x 20.5" which includes 3" framing allowance on each side.

The patterns:

  • Magical525  will give each months pattern on the 1st of the month around midnight her time so that's the last day of the month 6 pm EST in the US.
  • The border pattern can be found below as it will not be included as part of the monthly pattern.
  Warm you   

NFSAL - January 2018 by Magical525   NFSAL - full year frame 2018 by Magical525


snowflake bullet   Submit your finished piece to the Contest Folder, even though this isn’t a contest, just a little SAL snowflake bullet 

Neglected Floss SAL - January 2018 by jijikit   January Berries by Mattsma
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Another lovely design :)