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Growl: Smokestack

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Published: February 28, 2008
Smokestack is a Growlstyle imitating Leopard 10.5.2's grid stacks look.

[Official Macthemes post]

How to install
• Double-click on Smokestack.growlstyle. You may need to restart Growl and/or Growl's System Preferences before it will completely work.

• This style uses the ever-elegant commercial font, FF DIN Medium. (If you don't have it, it defaults to Helvetica Bold, which still looks great.)
• Will glow blue when it's importance is set to High; and glow red when set to Emergency. You can adjust priorities per app under the Applications tab > Configure > Notifications, in Growl's System Preferences.
• Uses ultra-cool and time-saving Safari 3/iPhone button drawing CSS styles; and thus, Tiger 10.4.11 or Leopard is required.

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… and here is my applescript to test Growl styles
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I modified that a bit. Different effects. Simpler but still fancy. Larger fontsize. Slightly rounded corners for icons (… which looks much better with Adium and Skype).
Preview: [link]
Download: [link]
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Black-VulpineHobbyist Photographer
Posted about a link, but forgot to include it. It is below.
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Black-VulpineHobbyist Photographer
Correction to my previous message. It DOES work, but I had to open the package up and modify the Info.plist file to make it unique to the original Smokestack, as it was coming back to Growl as the exact same Style. I modified the strings under the keys CFBundleName and CFBundleIdentifier.

For your convenience, please follow the link below to the ZIP containing the package whose Info.plist file I corrected, and distribute this file instead of the one you are currently distributing. Please also let me know when you have swapped them over, as I do not want to keep this in my Dropbox, despite it being such a small file.
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Black-VulpineHobbyist Photographer
It doesn't work, dude.
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Thank you so much for this beautiful style!
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This should be default with Growl :D
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I meant "two" of course
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I like it very much though the shadow looks weird at the bottom when the notification is bigger than to lines. [link] Are you planning on an update or
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thank you, it's nice.
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The idea of taking the icon out of the notification "bubbl" is great. Others have made themes like this, but with the icon inside the bubble, thus not acheiving the same great effect!
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jackbirkbyHobbyist Photographer
I like it... I can't for the life of me figure out how to make these things, and so I decided to see how you made the growl style, and found the FF Din medium font in there... under the pie folder. Did you mean to put that in there? :P

Anyway, nice style man, I'm using it now :D
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Hey I have been looking for that font also, is there any way that you can email it to me ???


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Love this growl style. Is there a way to tighten the vertical spacing between the notifications? I've fussed with the CSS to no avail... Thanks!
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Just wondering, for the high priority style, my blue glow blinks, sorta like those animations of electricity. Is it supposed to do that? I'm running it on Snow Leopard. Is it a way to fix this?

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Gor0nProfessional Interface Designer
Best Growl skin ever!
:star: Featured on iconpaper [link]
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Haha, the things that they actually say are pretty funny.
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napcaeHobbyist Digital Artist
omg!love the highlighting
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Its an awesome style... Luv it...
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theDudzStudent Interface Designer
really love this!!
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