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Underwater Radio

This was an old radio that I found, and decided to paint - I dont know if it still works because I dont have the power cable for it - although I doubt it would, due to the paint clogging everything up.. the little man has grown a lot more chest hair since these photos were taken.
Hope you like it!

Acrylics, Posca markers and spraypaint on radio
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sick work I love it I love your style
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The contrast of the smooth colours against the black dots of the speaker are making me cross eyed.
In a good way.
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Haha I didn't know there was a good way! :P Thanks mucho :)
ellekeeh's avatar
WOW youre really awesome!!!
chessclub98's avatar
that is amazing.
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awesome work m8!
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woah, lets make babies!
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lots of "stuff" in that comment, heh
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haha woah, I've always admired your stuff and you inspired me alot in the beginning. haven't checked your stuff on some time now and when i looked now i saw how I've developed a style very similar to yours without thinking about it. cool.. but uncool :p you can have a look at some of my latest stuff here: [link] (password: isak) to see what i mean, Novembers stuff mostly
mattrobinson's avatar
Hey, thanks a lot man - checked out the link it looks cool, glad that I helped inspire you, but dude you've got your own style going completely, it's looking fresh - some of it kinda reminds me of Josh Taylor - check him out if you haven't already, I think you'd love it! :)
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You're welcome! Ah thanks, feels good that you think so :)
DAMN, thanks for the tip! Haven't heard of him before and had a look now. I love his style!
Just to let you know, in school we were to talk and make a powerpoint presentation about an artist we liked.
I talked about you, haha! :D
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I dont know why I didn't reply to this earlier.. Cheers man it means a lot to be getting all the support, i'd love to have seen the presentation and heard what you said! :)
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No worries! Yeah I'm sure you would haha, got an A on it so thanks! :D
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i bet this radio sounds much better than mine :D
ItalianStallionw00t's avatar
haha =]
that makes me smile
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Sweet job! I'm dead jealous of your awesome-ness. Seriously.
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sick job matt! always fun to see some art on old things like what you did :D
mattrobinson's avatar
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yeah this is so good Matt, great idea
xxqueenxofxskemexx's avatar
A neat object none the less.
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I'm pretty sure most of the comments I've left you have more or less said "Can I buy this?"

I love the colors you've used. Nobody has used that seafoam color since like... the 70s. You have such a fresh style, and I'm always so inspired by your work. If you ever have a show in LA, please let me know!
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Haha thanks very much! All the comments are hugely appreciated, yeah I find that colour a bit disgusting but kinda irresistable at the same time..
Actually I was part of a show at the Carmichael Gallery in West Hollywood CA last summer, that's kinda close eh? That's the first US show that i've been part of :)
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