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Undead Munter

Just before the zombie climbed over him about to rip him to pieces, Jeff noticed what a lovely heart pattern dress she was wearing. Moral of the story is that Zombies can be cute, caring and sensitive too, they just ermm.... hide it more.

Acrylics, stencils, and markers
50 x 40cm
This is another painting available at the Intoxicated Demons gallery in Berlin [link]

I dont like having to watermark or put my name on pictures much but i've recently heard about people claiming my stuff.. :chainsaw: I'm coming after you!!
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1/60 second
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May 24, 2007, 10:35:27 PM
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Biochemical-Slut's avatar
Wow I love this!! You gots an awesum style (y)
this is sick as hell, i really really love how all the elements come together, they make an awesome composition, you have such a sick style its so rad, my friend said he wants to paint like lie!
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rofl...I actually clicked that link a couple of times thinking 'shit it must be the same as someone else's stuff' before I realised it doesn't work and then actually read the address! Hahaahahahaha, i'm an idiot - thanks alot though! :lol:
nullsignal's avatar
sorry, that was a really strange way to throw kudos. I'm feeling a little froggy today. I put in my two week's notice at work, and i've been acting really weird all day. at any rate, I've got to find a good vocabulary for talking about your work--I intend to write some more functionally critical stuff, and it's a little tricky trying to say what I mean.
mattrobinson's avatar
Ahh I see, hehe dont worry bout it! It made it an interesting comment anyway which is cool :D
LaMeep's avatar
It's so beautiful. D: Everything you do is beautiful. Even when it's not necessarily supposed to be.
mattrobinson's avatar
Haha thanks alot, that actually means loads to me! :)
LaMeep's avatar
You're very welcome, I mean it. :)
CC-JAB's avatar
I think this may be my fav piece from you ever... such nice colors and mixing of mediums. the hearts look friggin great
look----Esther's avatar
I super love this!
I like it, I love it, I saw it in someone else's favourites, and I wanted to look at it, and am so glad I did.........what a fantastic artwork.
mattrobinson's avatar
teehee :giggle: thanks very much Esther!
fr-ae-nk's avatar
OMG... I'm in love with a zombie...

the dress is awesome, and i love that lil side-story!!!
mattrobinson's avatar
haha thanks alot, the aim wasn't to make her look attractive - but i'll let her know! It must be her dress that has won you over :giggle:
fr-ae-nk's avatar
most certainly :P
chiarallit's avatar
i love the precision with which you did the hearts all perfectly distanced one from another!
it's so beautiful, also how she blends in at the bottom
i know i'm redundant........i love your work. you inspire me, always.
mattrobinson's avatar
chiarallit's avatar
you're most welcome!!!
polygraphiker's avatar
yeah, i like the style and technique.
JaxeNL's avatar
awsome man!! really good one!
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very clever... a zombie wearing a hearts dress? Quite rare... :worship:
always pleased to see your stuff man nicely done.... people claiming ya stuff got no fukin respect these days ay wankers....
piu1's avatar
your creativity amazes me:)

all good!!
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