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Target Practice

Seriously, dont worry about it - I never used my forehead much anyway.

acrylics, biro and markers,
bout 7 x 10 inches
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Nice update, yeah it differs a bit from previous stuff but still has the "you" feeling in it. Good.
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Awesomely done tbh.
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nice work ! i like it :D
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Good to see some new stuff from you.
Not my fav but loving as always.
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Quality as usual.
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asian dub foundation - target practise [link]

love your style ;)
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Thanks, haven't head that tune - gotta give it a listen now!
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Your art is so deliberate...
I don't know how to describe it, but it kicks so much ass.
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changing shit up a bit... i liek it
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Yeah I wasn't sure, i mean it's just a doodle - but the whole pupils in the eyes thing is bugging me a bit at the moment. I like my characters that don't have pupils, but they dont seem to have souls sometimes without pupils
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i know what you mean... why is soul a good thing anyway?
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It's not always, but sometimes it brings them to life a bit
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i was trying to be morbid and funny.. the vibe didnt quite translate virtually =]
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Me neither. Foreheads are overrated.

I like how hairy your work is. I always imagine your male characters kicking back in an arm chair and drinking canned beer.
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