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Sue Pream and her Team

One very long continuous line drawing. It took a little over an hour, and yes my hand really started aching towards the end as it never came off the paper..
I think this needs a splash of red in it, maybe the devil guy at the top left.
Hope you like :)

About 11" x 8"
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wow, over an hour.. very well. i like your style :)
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it feels like in everything you make, there's a vibe of urgency/present tense/emotion, and you just pick the viewer right up and carry them along on the stream of consciousness. :D
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I was actually in the process of doing something VERY similar to this. Quite odd. Looked the same too, not just the process. I'd sit and draw the same face over and over, connecting all the lines, filling up the paper. Had to restart cause the cat dragged his ass all over it.
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Haha because the cat dragged his ass all over it?? What a great reason, I think you should keep that in the work though.. strange that you were doing a similar thing - you know what they say, great minds think alike.. :)
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Yes. He had a rather dirty ass.
Ah, what's done is done. It was far too stained by his taint, as he had just taken a shit. =.=
so I wasn't about to save THAT one.

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cool! definitely throw in that splash of red on the devil guy... that'd fit in nicely.
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i love this so much! :heart:
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Wow amazing that is just one line! verrrry good....
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Yup, one long wrist aching line! Thanks alot
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simply brilliant.
amazing stuff man ;)
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Darren Hendorson...that was the escaped me for a second....lovely work :)
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Thanks alot, who is Darren Hendorson? I just tried googling him and couldn't find anything..
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i just saw a load of his work in juxtapoz ....i have the issue here but I cant seem to find anything online besides a couple artlicles that mention his name...hes australian...but his approach to characterisation is very similar to yours, the scored lines and the wideset eyes, i find your work far more accomplished tho, much more interesting.
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Ahh well i'll try and remember the name, maybe i'll come across some of it! Thanks for the info too :)
deprivedanxiety's avatar
ahh no worries...i saw your work it was more a case of seeing his and being reminded of you..not vice versa...

keep up the god work my man :)
deprivedanxiety's avatar
ahhh ...excellent piece....and i definatly agree about the tshirt sport this as a shirt day in day out has a very EWOK, MELBOURNE look to it......fantastic work my man :D
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oooh sue pream and her team, they're like creme de la creme from a magical dream :D
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I think it looks pretty good without color, but maybe just shop it and see
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toooo dope. and i would definitely suggest getting into screen printing, i do a few different types right now, and even if you don't use any results the entire process opens alot of doors creatively.
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Yeah, the only option that I have in the immediate future is with cutting out stencils - but I REALLY wanna try the photo emulsion stuff, that literally looks like sex-on-legs-but-without-legs
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really cool. it would be a great poster in my room ;) but as you comment it: a descreet use of colour would fit wonderful

keep it up :D
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