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This is Philip, but his friends call him knuckles.
He likes to follow strangers around town and steals those little yellow cleaning things out of urinals to nibble on when waiting for the bus.
Done with pens and highlighters.. :)
Put it in this section cos it seems to be the only section that they get seen!

EDIT: I took xpome's advice and removed the pencil bubbles!
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love ing the face
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A bit of fear of this man and hope that ifI ever meet him it is only for a short bus ride where he offers me some yellow thing... I sy no thank you... after some thought. I will also comment on how great is treasure trail is, great work!
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If you're gonna turn down the 'yellow biscuits' that he offers you, you're gonna have to do it in a very kind way, cos he gets offended (and aggressive) pretty easily! Thanks for the comment :)
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"Oh, that's so nice of you to offer, but I just ate a whole pile of green ones and orange drink, sorry!"
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Yeah that should do it, maybe slip in a little compliment about his hair or two golden front teeth or something, just to be on the safe side!
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"such a lovley shade of yellow!"
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LOving the man boobs, you can never have enough man boobs!!
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haah that smirk and hair is awesome
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i like your work, reminds me of yaka.

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great work, my friend ate one of those things once and was instantly sick :yum::chew::puke:
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haha! Was it some form of drunken dare? I'd love to know what it tasted like, but I cant see myself eating one any time soon... lol
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no dare, just picked it out of the piss ridden trough and took a bite.
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:rofl: At least his breath was fresh i suppose.. well for the split second before he was sick.. :no:
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Your style reminds me a lot of a renowned Brazilian grafiti artist. Nice shtuff. ;)
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What's the name? Might have to look them up! :D
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I'll do some research because I've been wanting to find out the exact name myself... lemme see if I can find 'em. ^_-
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everything very nice, i just don#t understand those pencil bubbles on the left bottom - may be you just forgot to erase them;)
crazy work!
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Yeah i was being lazy..i've removed those little bubbles now.. :D
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great, props for the cool style you#ve got!
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Thats really tight, nice character and I dig the way you did the color.

-cheps oner
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you do any graffiti man? cuz this would simply ROCK on a wall you know!
(awesome as always..)
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I wanna get massive prints of some of these characters and wheatpaste them places soon.. :)
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Wow thats so good man, for highlighters and pens that turned out amazing.
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